NSPCC – Speak out, Stay Safe

Today, the children have taken part in assemblies and some classes have had workshops from the NSPCC.

We learned all about Speak Out and Stay Safe. The message is that if something is bothering us, worrying us or feels wrong, we need to tell a trusted adult.


7 thoughts on “NSPCC – Speak out, Stay Safe

  1. I enjoyed being part off the NSPCC Yesterday afternoon it was fun and I hope the rest off the year 6 children enjoyed it I am sure they did.

  2. I remember NSPCC coming to talk to me when I was at Oxford Grove (Over 20 years ago).

    Its important that these conversations take place and the school plays a huge role, its also important that these conversations are taking place at home.

    Keep safe children, never keep worries or fears to yourself and remember the staff at school are there to help and support you just like your parents.

  3. Aliyah has told me all about what she has been learning in school about this. She understands how important it is if something is bothering you tell a trusted adult. It’s vital children feel they can and should talk about if something is not right and shouldn’t feel embarrassed or scared to talk.

  4. very pleased for this workshop its very important for kids to be educated in this field. Husnain Ali and maliha have mentioned that they know the key points on staying safe and happy.
    They must tell an adult if something is bothering them they should not allow anyone to bully them or make them feel upset.

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