Summer 1 Smiley Reward – the Circus

On Friday, Reception, Key Stage 1 and Year 6 took part in their Smiley reward, and today it was Key Stage 2’s turn. The children have all enjoyed learning a variety of circus skills, including plate spinning, scarf waving, balancing, juggling and even riding tiny bicycles!

Well done to all the children for earning their smileys!

Please visit our individual class blogs to see more photos and comments from each class.

5 thoughts on “Summer 1 Smiley Reward – the Circus

  1. The circus was fantastic I really enjoyed it there was lots of things to do and have fun like ribbons , spinning plats , skarfs and the little mini bike but my favourite was the spinning plats because you can do lots of skills and tricks but the juggling was a bit hard and we could learned lots of tricks at the circus and it was so much fun .

  2. Well done to all of you that worked hard to earn your smiley’s.

    Isn’t it great that the school invests in great awards when you work hard.


  3. Michal was very happy when he came back home, he couldn’t stop talking, even during dinner he was still mentioning spinning plates 😀

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