11 thoughts on “ICT Mark

  1. I was so happy when I found out that we won the award. Even though I could not meet the assessor to tell him all about the amazing ICT work we do at Oxford grove I am still proud of our school.

  2. Ime proud of my school for achieving such top awards.
    Being a pupil of Oxford grove school is a honour.
    Ime extremely proud of all the work the teachers and pupils put together.
    We also work together as a team and a family which gives us the top standards and gives the assessors the opportunity to see the great work we do.

  3. WOW! I am so happy that we won the arts award because it shows how clever we are as a school. I hope we keep winning more awards. but thanks miss Harvey and all the teachers for you fabulous help too!

  4. Well done it is a great acknowledgement and as a parent I can see how hard the teaching staff work to continually improve and grow.

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