Once Upon a Dream

Image result for young writers once upon a dreamWell done to all the children who took part in the Young Writers’ Once Upon a Dream poetry competition. This is the 25th year that the competition has been run and they received in excess of 25,000 entries! We are very proud to announce that a number of poems written by you have been chosen for publication. The winners include:

Shan, Alizah, Husnain-Ali, Ali, Fatima, Natasha, Daisy, Grace, Michael, Ayesha, Rehan, Malaika, Jamie, Chloe, Zainab, Ella, Alexis, Oluwatosin, Freya, Emma-Leigh, Alex, Jayden, Priya, Jasmine, Noshin, Tallanah, Suranne, Husna and Rayyan.


9 thoughts on “Once Upon a Dream

  1. I loved my poem I written about a boy who wanted a birthday gift for his mum, he did not have no money so he sat sad under a tree thinking of a gift for his mums preasent ,so he has an idea that cost nothing it was a star from the sky.

    Well done to everyone else who won the poetry compition it was so tricky and so much fun.

  2. I’m so proud that there have been so many winners at Oxford Grove 😀 It’s an amazing feeling to see Michal’s poem printed and published 🙂

  3. I’m so proud to see so many talented children in the school, It’s a great feeling to tell someone that my child goes to Oxford Grove

  4. I can’t believe my poem was published! Well done to the other winners. On my birthday I got to see my poem in the book once once upon a dream!

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