6 thoughts on “Harvest

  1. I feel really happy for the respectful people who have brought harvest for the poor people in the world so thank you if you broght in something for harest •

  2. It was so nice to donate food to people who have little food it inspires me to appreciate our parents who struggle to give us food. By Tosin

  3. On Havest so many children bring food for the poor. On that day we think about the people who don’t have any food. And we have a big assembly for this day.

  4. Helping others is very rewarding, children should know that we are all equal no matter what, they learn to appreciate little things but most of all they will be good people as a grown ups

  5. It’s important to teach children the value of giving and sharing and showing empathy and compassion to the less fortunate. Harvest is a great time to teach this.

  6. Harvest time is the best time that children get to see and learn that giving food to the less fortunate, helping to share being kind and warm hearted, is very rewarding.
    teaching children this it is very vital, because when they are older they will care for the poor and needy and its an important quality to have.
    Harvest is a lovely gesture and I always love this time its an act of unity and togetherness.

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