16 thoughts on “The chicks have hatched!

  1. The baby chicks are so cute. Some of them are brown and some of them are yellow. They are about 4 days old. They are now outside Miss levers new room.

    By Aliyah J y5b

  2. My little girl in reception has been very excited about this and said she had been to visit them in breakfast club… I think it’s lovely the children got this experience.

    • Thank you so much for your positive feedback, it is much appreciated. We have had the chicks this year as part of our harvest celebrations. They are all doing well and Miss Longmore ,one of the year 5 teachers, is going to take them home when they have grown a bit more.

  3. I saw the chicks in recorder club . There were small and we got to see the eggs that they were in ,it was gross!
    The were in a small jug so they stay with each other and they won’t get lost. Then after they were put in a small container with more space and mor to do. At lunch time every one went to see the chicks it was crazy,

  4. The chicks were really cute and I was so sad when they had to go. But I am really glad they came to our school and we all got to have an experience with them. Thank you miss Harvey for bringing the chicks to our school and I hope they have a great time at there new home.

  5. I loved the baby chicks we got to hold them and stroke them Miss Longmore 4Ls teacher even got to take some home.I love this school because they help me learn and are very active.

  6. The chicks were so cute when it was dance club I had held one it felt so soft and it fell asleep in my hands her name is chocolate she was the cutest there were also daisy, hamburger and goldie

    • aww that sounds so cute I bet all the children would love to see the chicks again. Ime sure they will be back soon!

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