6 thoughts on “Robinwood 2016

  1. Well done to everyone who challenged themselves at Robinwood you were amazing. I had a fab time and enjoyed watching you all grow in confidence. Mrs Moore

  2. Robin wood was awesome and I loved the paranah pool but it was a bit scary .Mrs Moores team won the team challenges but well done to everyone that took part!

  3. Maddi will love this when she gets to take part, fantastic on the school for taking the children on additional activities.

    I remember when I attend Oxford Grove, we went away and learnt how to rock climb, swimming and even survival skills for water safety.

    Wish I was at school again lol (”,)

  4. Aliyah has told me all about this, over and over again! She cannot wait to take part when she’s in year 6 next year. Sounds amazing.

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