Life Caravan ….

Last week Year 6 visited the Life Caravan. They talked about making decisions and making the right choices. They discussed what they would do if they were under ‘peer pressure’ and how to make the right choices in terms of drug and alcohol use.

~Question time ~

Can you name some legal and illegal drugs?

What effects can drugs and alcohol have on your body?

Miss Stockton 

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Life caravan

This morning we hade a special visitor in school  .In Year 6  we learnt about drugs and Decisions . In cigarettes there are several drugs like nicotine  you might not imagine this but in medicine there is drugs, but it is good for you so you can get better.

We had a quiz about drugs . 3%of high school children smoke you might get think there is more like some people thought 50%but it is not that much .

Cigarettes are not allowed to be sold to any one under the age of 18.Plus fizzy drink like Coca Cola have got caffeine in coffee and tea there is caffeine in side of it that’s why you can’t have a lot of tea and coffee .

by Humayra 6s


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International Women’s Day

On the 8th March, every year, women are celebrated.

This is to remember the amazing women in the past who have done incredible things in order for women in the future!

We celebrate International Women’s Day to celebrate the fact that women can just be as equally strong, talented and courageous as men.

Do you know a strong woman who you would like to celebrate?


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Warning for Miss Stockton and Miss Jarvis!!!!!!

Dear Miss Stockton and Miss Jarvis,

Your room has been invaded by at least 20 chameleons, unfortunately they have been very well camouflaged.

Can you find them all?

Happy hunting!

Love Mrs Bain and 6S


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World Book Day!

World Book Day is an amazing chance to discuss all the different genres of books we enjoy, talk about different authors and recommend books to our friends.

In Year 6, we spent our literacy lesson today discussing why we enjoy reading and what some of our favourite books are. We had a range from fiction, non-fiction, cookery books and even comics! We discussed why it is so important to share our favourite books with one another.

Year 6 also discussed WHY we like reading, we said we enjoyed characters, plot twists and the language that is used.


What’s your favourite book?

Who’s your favourite author?

Why do you love reading?


Miss Jarvis x

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Year 6S Hobby day!

On the last day of term, Year 6 celebrated ‘Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing week’ by dressing up as their favourite hobbies.

We learnt all about keeping a healthy mind and how we can do this. We discussed ways to keep healthy, thought about how we can be kind to one another and spread kindness. In the afternoon, we showcased our unique hobbies.

How can you keep a healthy mind and body Year 6?

What did you dress up as for hobby day?

Here are some pictures from the day:


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Mr Bamfords Samba Workshop!

As part of our Year 6 topic this term we are looking at South America and the countries in South America! This includes Brazil! Year 6 have been lucky enough to have a workshop with Mr Bamford and play some Brazillian musical instruments to create a Samba piece! I was so impressed with the piece of music we created year 6!


Can you remember what any of the instruments where called?

What did you enjoy most? 

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E-safety Week !

Today Year 6 explored how photos that are shared online can potentially stay there forever and may reach a wider audience than they intended. We considered how photos create an impression of our character and personality (online reputation) and we used this knowledge to develop a strategy to help decide if a photo/image is okay to share online or not.




We then made our own online promise to follow. What promise did you make?

Miss Stockon.

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Maths working wall!

In our mixed year 5 and 6 class, we’ve been working on angles, statistics and our target  which is:

‘Can I recall equivalences between fractions, decimals and percentages and apply this to context?’

We also have a weekly investigation where our top finishers can try to work out the challenge!

Take a look at some of our class in the working area and investigating the challenge…


Miss Jarvis x

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Artist workshop!

Year 6 have been extremely lucky this week to take part in a workshop with an artist!

Look what we created!






What did you enjoy most?

Miss Jarvis, Miss Stockton and Mrs Calland x x

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