A year in the life of…

Year 6 has been an incredibly important, enjoyable, hard but rewarding year this year. We have gained many achievements and we should all be extremely proud of how hard we have worked.

Our biggest achievement is how hard we studied for our SATs tests, including attending booster revision classes, extra revision at home and countless practice tests.

We have also reaped numerous rewards such as: Smiley rewards, picnics, rounders matches, our Anderton Centre trip, the artist and in class treats.

We have also really enjoyed learning in Year 6 this year, we’ve learned about the Ancient Greeks and South America. In science we have learned about the creation of the world and electricity – even creating our own robots! In D.T we have made biscuits at Christmas and designed our own leavers T-shirts! In Art we have made talking textiles and sketched. Finally, in computing we used the Movie Maker software to create some amazing leavers videos.

As we are coming towards the end of Year 6, we are finishing up our leavers assembly and helping other pupils with their maths and literacy lessons.

Overall, we have had a wonderful year and we should be proud of everything we have achieved!

What have you enjoyed the most about being in Year 6?

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The Delight Of Displays

Displays at Oxford Grove make me realise how creative and imaginative our school can be. Our amazing displays help me to learn and our working walls in literacy and maths are great because we use them in lessons to help us remember key methods and facts.

Our display team at Oxford Grove are magical! Year 6 want to say a huge thank you to Miss Lowe, Miss White, Miss Khan and Mrs Buckley who have helped to create such fantastic displays!!

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Eid is a special time for Muslims.

Every year after Ramadan (the month were muslims fast) there is always 1 or 2 days of
Eid and what Muslims do on Eid is that they celebrate 🎉 for the days they have been fasting  and on Eid what you do is you spend time with your family or friends or you could go out to Blackpool or London to celebrate, you get to eat whatever you want like chicken 🍗, rice 🍛 or sweet rice 🍚.

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Art in Year 6

We have had a super creative Year in Year 6. We’ve done everything from mosaics to a rainforest collage to sketching nature! What has been your favourite ART topic this year and WHY? 🙂 

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Smiley Reward

Year 6 have worked extremely hard all year but this term especially due to our SATS! So this week, we had a well deserved afternoon playing mini-golf as part of our smiley reward!

We worked really well in teams working our way through the course!

What was your favourite part?

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Our new D.T topic!

Over the next two terms Year 6 are going to be working on a very exciting new topic – we are going to be designing and making our own Oxford Grove leavers t-shirt.

This means we are going to have to use all of our skills which will include, drawing, sewing, cutting and painting in order to create an amazing t-shirt which we can use to remember our time at Oxford Grove!

I’m looking forward to being part of this new topic and I’m sure you are too!

Which part are you most excited to do?

Miss Jarvis x

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Art in Year 6!

This year we have had a LOT of fun in Art! We have created a Rainforest display, made talking textiles, used a compass to draw flowers, had a go at sketching and made a collage!


Take a look at some of our work:

Which topic did you enjoy the most? Why? 

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Computing in Year 6 :)

Currently, Year 6 are working on a project using the software ‘Movie Maker’. We are creating our own memories video, where we have put on pictures of us during our time at Oxford Grove.

Year 6 have enjoyed looking at the old pictures and using the software to add effects, captions and sounds to their movies!

What’s your favourite thing about Movie Maker?

What new skills have you learned?


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Military Reward

For our smiley reward this term, Oxford Grove had the military come in to do some team building activities with us!

We had so much fun as well as it being hard work!!

What did you enjoy most?

Which was your favourite activity?

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Our visit from an Artist!

Last week, Year 6 had the amazing opportunity to go and work with the artist alongside Coach Matt.

They participated in creating our new display to do with the Industrial revolution on our whole school corridor!

What did you learn?


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