Fire Safety!

Today we were visited by the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service. They gave us lots of information on how to keep safe on the run up to Bonfire night and throughout the year. 

We were taught how to ‘ STOP DROP AND ROLL’ if we were ever in danger linked to fire. This was a very informative assembly. 

What did you learn Year 6? 

Miss Stockton, Mrs Calland and Miss Jarvis. 




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Greek Worshop!

As part of our History lessons, Year Six are learning about the Ancient Greeks. Today, a history specialist came into school to help us with our work. We played an Ancient Greek game called Knuckle Bones, looked at, asked questions about and drew Ancient Greek artefacts and also dressed up in Ancient Greek armour and clothes. We had an exciting day!

What was your favourite part? What did you learn?

Can you spot yourself on our pictures? 🙂

Miss Jarvis, Miss Stockton and Mrs Calland x x 

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IQM Centre of Excellence School.

Oxford Grove is an IQM Centre of Excellence School.

This means that we:

  • Promote access and diversity

  • Raise achievement for all

  • Create an environment for all to succeed

  • Improve the inclusive nature of all schools

Today, someone will be coming to visit our school to assess us again. What can we tell them about how we are inclusive?

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Matt Goodfellow Workshop!

Year Six were incredibly lucky today to have a workshop with the poet Matt Goodfellow! He came and showed us different ways to write poetry and different ideas we could use!

6S discussed performance and why it is so important to make your audience feel a certain way! Then we wrote a ‘What If’ poem and a ‘My Best Friend’ poem. We also got the chance to perform some of these poems at the end of the day!

It has been an incredibly inspiring and exciting afternoon.

What have you learnt today? What did you enjoy? Are there any poems which you’d like to share?

Miss Jarvis, Miss Stockton and Mrs Calland x 

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Which Greek God would you consider a hero?

In our topic lessons this week, we had to research and locate information about different Gods. We then chose six Gods, and produced an explanation about them. We found out what their main job/role was, what symbol represented them and finally interesting facts about them.

Which God did you find the most interesting? Why?

Miss Stockton x 

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Year 7 Students!

Last week 6S and 6C were extremely lucky to have three visitors! These three visitors were ex-pupils of Oxford Grove (who are now in Year 7) and came to share their stories about Secondary School are more importantly, homework!! They told us how important it is to make sure your homework is in on time because in Secondary School you’ll get detention if it’s not done!


They shared how they have five lessons a day and they get homework for each lesson! Year 6 were shocked at how many detentions some of the boys had already had! I think there is a valuable lesson to be learnt – make sure your homework is in on time so you’re all prepared for Secondary School!


Let’s see if Year 6 can be the best year at not forgetting their homework!

Miss Jarvis, Miss Stockton and Mrs Calland x

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Cross- Curricular Write…

In Year 6 we have started our new topic ‘Greeks’. 

This week we have being researching different Greeks who have been influential on our lives today. We then wrote an information text about them ensuring we structured our information out correctly. 

What information did you find ?

Which facts did you find the most interesting? 

Miss Stockton, Mrs Calland and Miss Jarvis xx 


Image result for ancient greeks

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It’s a Mystery!

In Year 6 we are currently working on writing mystery stories linked to our class novel – Stormbreaker. This week we have researched famous detectives, identified the key features and mapped out the story structure. Finally, we write descriptions of the main character – the detective so that we are ready to plan and write our stories next week.

Can you tell me some information about your detective?

What are they called?

What do they look like?

What are their strengths in crime fighting?

Do they have an assistant?

Do they have any special gadgets?

Image result for detective clip art

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Year 6 Sports Assembly !

On Monday, parents were invited to watch our Year 6 classes taken part in a Sports Afternoon. 

They ran different races which included a sprint, relay race and obstacle course race. Children who came first,second and third were presented with stickers at the end of the race. 

Which races did you take part in? What did you enjoy the most about this Sports afternoon?

Thank you to all the parents who came to support their child. 

Miss Stockton, Mrs Calland and Miss Jarvis xx 

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Writing and Reading in Year 6:)

In Year 6 this week we have begun our first class novel ‘ Stormbreaker’. We have read chapter 1 and 2 within our Guided Reading lessons and carried out lots of activities linked to this such as answering language comprehension questions and hot seating children within our class 🙂 

Today, we wrote a diary entry in the role of Alex Rider. We included lots of information and recalled upon what has happened to him so far within the book. Alex has just escaped the men from the junk yard, what do you think will happen next?

Image result for stormbreaker

Miss Stockton

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