The Trip


On the trip day everyone was wearing Trackies and ready to go on the trip, but we were waiting for all the people to get there. When we got there, we learnt some instructions to know what we were doing, so we didn’t hurt our selves. Also we practiced some Archery, Den building and had a fire with cooked marshmallows.


Stone Age Experience Day

Wow! What an amazing trip! We had an absolutely fabulous time, and all the children behaved impeccably – well done, Oxford Grove!

Here you can find the photos for Groups 1, 2 and 3.

Group 1 – Mrs Thompson

Group 2 – Miss King

Group 3 – Mr Kelly and Mr Smith

You should know which group you were in, children!

At some points during the day, some groups did get together around the campfire so some children may feature in more than one video, but most of their photos will be in the video slideshow for their main group.

Tell us what you thought, Year 3!

Fossil Investigation

IMG_0377We have started an investigation into how fossils are created.

We used a slice of bread as the ground and we put gummy bears on it to represent dinosaurs that had died. Then we placed another slice of bread on top to represent all the matter – soil, tiny stones, dead plants, etc – that covers the ground over time.

IMG_0380We put a stack of books on top to represent the weight of all the matter that covers the ground over hundreds and thousands of years, and we have put it in our classroom to leave over the weekend.

Next week, we will be archaeologists digging down into the layers and uncover our gummy bears to see what happens to them!

SCIENCE CHALLENGE! What do you think will happen, Year 3T?