Just a quick reminder for everyone to make sure that they are learning their spellings ready for the Spellathon next week! Don’t forget to get as many sponsors as you can too!

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Life Caravan

This week Year 6 visited the Life Caravan. They talked about making decisions and making the right choices. They discussed what they would do if they were under ‘peer pressure’ and how to make the right choices in terms of drug and alcohol use. Can you name some legal and illegal drugs? What effects can drugs and alcohol have on your body?

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Warning for Mrs Calland!!!!!!

Dear Mrs Calland,

Your room has been invaded by at least 20 chameleons, unfortunately they have been very well camouflaged.

Can you find them all?

Happy hunting!

Love Mrs Bain and 6C

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International Women’s Day

Women are celebrated on 8th March every year.

We remember the strong women in the past that have done incredible things to make life better for women in the future.

We celebrate International Women’s Day to support those women and raise awareness that women are just as strong, smart and important as men.

Do you know a strong woman who you would like to celebrate?


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World Book Day

At Oxford Grove we love books! To celebrate World Book Day we have written book recommendations and shared our favourite books and authors with each other. What is your favourite book and why?

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What makes YOU special?

As part of Children’s Mental Health Week we are celebrating everything that makes us special. Everyone is different and unique and we want to celebrate the fact that YOU are YOU!

What makes you special?

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Smiley Reward

This half term, Oxford Grove’s smiley reward was the circus! This meant a circus performer came in to show us some different circus tricks!

We learnt how to juggle, how to balance a feather on our bodies, how to spin plates and the diablo!

Congratulations to all those children who were able to go to the smiley reward for behaving so well!

What did you enjoy the most? 

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We celebrated Safer Internet Day last week by taking part in an e-safety workshop. We know how important it is to stay safe online.

What did you learn Year 6?

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Maths with Miss Jarvis

I really enjoy doing maths with Miss Jarvis we are learning all about how to find the mean from a set of data. We also do mental questions when the lesson is over to test our knowledge of mental maths and how fast we can work it out .It is really fun thank you Miss Jarvis.

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Art at Oxford Grove

Last week year 6 were lucky enough to work with a visiting artist who Miss Bimson had organised to come into. They created some wonderful, colourful birds for in our Key Stage 2 resource area. How did you make these Year 6?   


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