Fire Safety !

Today we were visited by the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service. They gave us lots of information on how to keep safe on the run up to Bonfire night and throughout the year. 

We were taught how to ‘ STOP DROP AND ROLL’ if we were ever in danger linked to fire. This was a very informative assembly. 

What did you learn Year 6? 

Miss Stockton, Mrs Calland and Miss Jarvis. 

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Smiley Reward

This week was our Autumn 1 Smiley Reward. We have all worked hard to get enough smiley cards to attend to Military Boot Camp that came into our school. We did lots of fun activities during our session including obstacle courses and training exercises.

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Ancient Greek Workshop

As part of our History lessons, Year Six are learning about the Ancient Greeks. On Monday a history specialist came into school to help us with our work. We played an Ancient Greek game called Knuckle Bones, looked at, asked questions about and drew Ancient Greek artefacts and also dressed up in Ancient Greek armour and clothes. We had an exciting day!

What was your favourite part? What did you learn?



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Lego Mindstorms Workshop

For more information and photos, please visit the Bolton SICT blog post about our trip! (

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My Dog

We play together all the time,

We explore the woods and meet new friends,

We have so much fun by the lake,

We kiss each other goodnight,

He even howls when I leave,

I sometimes share my dinner with him,

We always make up when my mum cuts his hair

I can’t even picture life with him

I will never forget you when you are in heaven,

Up in the sky watching me try

I love you Otto you are the best dog ever!

By Emily 6C



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IQM Centre of Excellence

Oxford Grove is an IQM Centre of Excellence School.

This means that we:

  • Promote access and diversity

  • Raise achievement for all

  • Create an environment for all to succeed
  • Improve the inclusive nature of all schools

On Monday someone will be coming to visit our school to assess us again. What can we tell them about how we are inclusive?


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Matt Goodfellow

Yesterday we were very lucky to be visited by poet Matt Goodfellow. We worked with him to write our own poems called ‘What if?’ and ‘That’s no Word of a Lie.’ we all enjoyed making up lots of silly ideas!


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Our talking textiles

In Year 6,we made talking textiles about Theseus and the Minotaur.We all picked a part on our table and just a couple weeks ago we read the story.The story is about the Minotaur picking 7 girls and boys by random and then we discovered he ate them then the King’s son ,Theseus comes and goes with them. He explains to his dad how this was wrong and then Theseus went with them .The poor girls and boys arrived at Crete and got locked up in a cellar until the Minotaur calls for them. Just that night,the Minotaur’s daughter came to get them out and met Theseus. She said to him have you been chosen to get eaten .No he said I have come to save the children.She came back with a ball of wool and a sword because once you go in you never come out.Theseus kills the Minotaur and he rememeberd what his dad had said when you come back raise this white sail and I will know you have been sucsessful.So that was exactly what he did and the King came running to him.Eventually the Minotaurs daughter fell in love with Theseus and they both got married to live happily ever after!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I enjoyed doing my talking textiles and i hope we get to have this opportunity to do ths again in year 7!!Thank you Mrs Calland we are so lucky to have you as our teacher and I am really grateful!

By Priya patel 6C


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Talking Textiles

Last week 6S and 6C were making our Talking Textiles for our Greek display. We told the story of Theseus and the Minitor. We sewed  our characters/boats on our piece of material and then when we finished sewing our characters and boats on we got felt pens and drew our felt pens on. What did you enjoy ?

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Year 7 Students

Last week 6S and 6C were extremely lucky to have three visitors! These three visitors were ex-pupils of Oxford Grove (who are now in Year 7) and came to share their stories about Secondary School are more importantly, homework!! They told us how important it is to make sure your homework is in on time because in Secondary School you’ll get detention if it’s not done!


They shared how they have five lessons a day and they get homework for each lesson! Year 6 were shocked at how many detentions some of the boys had already had! I think there is a valuable lesson to be learnt – make sure your homework is in on time so you’re all prepared for Secondary School!


Let’s see if Year 6 can be the best year at not forgetting their homework!

Miss Jarvis, Miss Stockton and Mrs Calland x

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