Art for WRL

This year we are linking Work Related Learning to the World Cup. Year 6 have chosen Japan as the country that they will research and produce art work for. They are hoping to make dragons, chop stick and wind chimes to sell at the event!

Chinese New Year Craft: Dragon Puppet Printable

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4 Responses to Art for WRL

  1. 0272011ps says:

    I am really excited to make dragons, chop sticks and chimes for WRL. I am also looking forward to doing the country Japan.

    By Paige xx

  2. Jayden Cross says:

    I am looking forward to WRL this year and it is one of my favourite events in school. I going to enjoy researching Japan as our country this year and think it is a great choice to research Japan.

  3. 0272011jd says:

    I am excited for the work related learning we are learning all about japan and i am really excited for what we are going to be making like Chinese dragons wind chimes and lots more thank you Mrs Calland,Miss Stockton and Miss Jarvis for the opportunity to make all of these amazing things and put them on sale. If you would like to buy any of these fantastic things they will be on sale on the last week of term

  4. Adam says:

    I’m really looking forward to doing WRL, I bet all of year 6 can’t wait to do this Japanese theme. We are going to do be doing things such as: making dragons, chop sick and more.

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