Crazy Golf Smiley Reward

Yesterday we all took part in crazy golf on the field for our Summer 1 smiley reward. The beautiful sunny weather made it even better!


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3 Responses to Crazy Golf Smiley Reward

  1. 0272011aj1 says:

    I really enjoyed crazy golf. My favourite part was when we did level 4. It took me about 15 tries to do it! Sadly, I never got a hole-in-one.
    By Aliyah

  2. 0272011ps says:

    Thank you Miss Harvey for this brilliant reward. I really enjoyed it!

    By Paige xx

  3. 0272011ma says:

    Year6 and whole school had another smiley award today! Our treat for the day was Crazy Golf we had, so much fun! I won out of my team and Umara came second. Well done everyone one for achieving your smiley award! What score did you get?

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