Year 6 Class Assembly

6C did the first class assembly of the term today – teaching everybody about the rainforest! As part of our topic we are going to be learning about South America, the work of artist Georgia O’Keefe and even creating our own rainforest in the classroom using our collaging skills.

Emma Leigh’s mum commented:

‘Well done 6C! Fantastic assembly!’

Paige’s mum said:

‘Well done 6C on your brilliant assembly.’

Bindi’s mum commented:

‘It has been lovely to watch your confidence grow throughout the year.’


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5 Responses to Year 6 Class Assembly

  1. 0272011ps says:

    I loved our class assembly about the rainforests! I am looking forward to learning more about our new topic. Thank you Mrs Calland for picking this topic, it sounds really fun to learn about.

    By Paige xx

  2. Sufyan Imran says:

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  3. 0272011ma says:

    Are call assembly was full of brilliance and confidence! I love that we are starting a new topic all to do about the rainforest. It sounds really interesting and fun. Its sad that we will all be leaving soon and I am really thankful for being part of this wonderful family!

  4. Umara says:

    On the first week back on Thursday we had a class assembly about the rainforest. I thought it was fun and intresting! I think we all worked hard on doing this assembly and only having three days to practice. I am really looking forward to learning more about our new topic. My part was about were thexpecting rainforest could be. Did you know that rainforest can be in Africa,Australia,America and Lotsunami more places?

  5. Umara says:

    Lots more

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