This week as part of our ‘What makes a good brand range?’ topic, we have made prototypes of our biscuit designs using play dough. This is to test what our biscuits will look like when we make the real ones and if we need to make any changes to our designs. What do you think?

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8 Responses to Prototypes

  1. Umara says:

    Today we did play dough prototypes. It was so fun,I did a pudding it was great. I can’t wait for making the real ones and then selling them. They are going to be Christmas themed I think Ayesha V did well and the rest of the class. What’s your favourite biscuit?

  2. 0272011ma says:

    On November 30th, year 6 was making clay models of the biscuit designs. in the previous weeks we have been doing a topic on biscuit designs; we are going to baking are biscuits then, decorating them and selling them to Key Stage 1 hopefully making a profit from the biscuit are going to be selling. it was really fun modelling a biscuit designs seeing what are biscuits are going to be looking like after baking them. I was doing this with all my friends and I put loads of decorations on my Christmas tree that I modelled with clay.
    By Melody Abdinejad

  3. 0272011ma says:

    I modelled an Christmas Tree with lots of balls and decorations on. What did you model?

  4. 0272011fh says:

    I loved making the play dough prototypes! It was really fun. My design was a bell it was yellow with a black outline with white stripes . Then in the middle it was yellow with colourful sprinkles placed on it . I hope if any other class do this in year 6 will really enjoy this . Thank you Mrs Calland !!!
    By Freya.

  5. 0272011ps says:

    I’m really enjoyed making the play dough prototypes. I’m looking forward to making our real biscuits. My biscuit is going to be a Christmas tree, it was my best design so that is the on I’m doing. It is a biscuit in the shape of a Christmas tree (green icing) then pink and yellow baubles (smarties and red tinsel (red strawberry laces).
    Thank you Miss Calland.

    By Paige x

  6. Adam says:

    I Really enjoyed doing this I can’t wait until we make them for real. Can we eat them when we all make them, I really want to eat mine

  7. Louise says:

    I love CHRISMAS because I get to open my presents on CHRISMAS DAY!

  8. Umara says:

    what was your favourite prototype,mine is the Christmas pudding .

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