What Makes a Good Brand Range?

Yesterday we started our new DT topic. During this topic we will be designing and making Christmas themed biscuits but before we get to that point there is a lot of work involved in conducting market research, deciding on the ingredients to use, creating design ideas and making prototypes. We will also be designing the packaging for our biscuits and advertising to sell them so that we can make as much profit as possible.

To get an ideas about the different types of biscuits already available and find out about people’s preferences, we of course had to conduct a taste test of a range of different types and flavours of biscuits.

What was your favourite biscuit 6C?

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15 Responses to What Makes a Good Brand Range?

  1. 0272011fh says:

    I loved this lesson it was amazing . I had really good fun tasting biscuits with my table . My favourite biscuit was the Custard Cream biscuit.

    By Freya

  2. 0272011eg1 says:

    My favourite biscuit was the cheddar cracker. However I also liked the chocolate digestive. My least favourite was the fruit biscuit because It had too much sugar. Thank you Mrs Calland for the great biscuits.

  3. 0272011za says:

    I really enjoyed the lesson yesterday. My favourite part
    was when we got to eat the biscuits. I wish we could do
    it again.

  4. Leo says:

    That was a good lesion I thought that we were going to watch a film with biscuits but it was not was testing them

  5. Aisha says:

    I really enjoyed tasting the biscuits for ideas for our own made ones

  6. 0272011ps says:

    I really enjoyed tasting the different biscuits, I’m really looking forward to our new DT topic. The most exciting part of the topic is going to be making biscuits.

  7. 0272011aj1 says:

    I really enjoyed this lesson. My favourite biscuit was the chocolate digestive. I can’t wait to make our own biscuits.

  8. Umara says:

    On Wednesday 15th November we did a biscuit taste test, to see how they taste like and we are going to be creating our own Christmas biscuits and doing some survives around school. We are going to be selling them and seeing the prophet we make out of our biscuits. My favourite one was the chocolate digestive I really enjoyed it!!

  9. 0272011ma says:

    Last Wednesday, we did a really enjoyable and funny taste test.Mrs Calland kindly brought in some big branded biscuits linking to are DT and Topic work, my favourite biscuits was the custard cream and fingers because it had cream in the custard creams and in the fingers it was covered in chocolate. Over the next few weeks we are going to be baking and designing our own Christmas themed biscuits, and we are going to be designing our own sales packaging to put our biscuits into, then hopefully we are going to be selling a Christmas biscuits and making a profit from them. I am so excited to see what my biscuit will turn out like. What flavour is yours going to be is yours going to be? I think this is really good for our future because some children in the Future might want to create their own company and make a profit from it. I am really excited and and delighted for this topic it sounds like the funniest topic ever!
    By Melody. J. Abdinejad

  10. Priya says:

    On Wednesday 15th November Year 6,had a biscuit taste test.This was because we are going to make our own biscuits to sell and put in boxes for other children in our school.After,we know all the answers we want to know to our questions we will make a prototype out of clay.Mrs Calland said that this year we could make these biscuits Christmas themed and I am very excited.On Friday we discovered that the TV show Dragons Den made a show to help the children in need.Then we researched how bakers sell biscuits in the market.I love this topic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would like to thank Miss Harvey for letting us do this this topic and I would also like to thank Miss Stockton,Miss Jarvis and Mrs Calland for organising this topic for us and thank you for spending your own money to give us the best education you possibly can.

    By Priya

  11. Muhammed-Farid says:

    I really enjoyed this topic lesson. All our topic lessons are amazing but this is best by far. We had to identify the texture, flavour, brand name and draw a rough copy of the biscuit. My favourite biscuit was the custard cream. Thank you Mrs Calland.
    By Muhammad-Farid

  12. 0272011im says:

    On Wednesday we did a biscuit tasting. The biscuit were really tasty and yummy,we are even going to do biscuit design and biscuit making.

  13. 0272013gp says:

    That looks like great fun.

  14. 0272011ps says:

    My favourite biscuit was th chocolate digetive.

    By Paige

  15. Umara says:

    I am doing a Christmas pudding I called it pudding swirls.

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