DT biscuit taste test !

On Wednesday 15th November 6C did a taste test with biscuits. We talked about the name, type,appearance, flavour, diagram. The biscuits we tried were a chocolate digestive, custard cream, fruit biscuit, plain digestive cheese chedder and chocolate fingers.

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3 Responses to DT biscuit taste test !

  1. 0272011ma says:

    My favourite biscuit was the custard cream and fruit biscuits. What were yours?!

  2. Umara says:

    Chocolate digestives

  3. 0272011fh says:

    My favourite biscuit was the Custard creams and the chocolate digestives because the Custard Creams have a filling , the chocolate digestives have a chocolate coating which makes them tasty.

    By Freya

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