Hindu Temple visit !

Today, we visited our local Hindu temple. We learnt lots of different facts and was able to watch some people worship. We all listened really well and were very respectful. The Hindu temple was amazing to see with lots of different coloured lights, beautiful pictures and scenery. 

What did you learn from our visit today? 

Miss Stockton, Mrs Calland and Miss Jarvis x

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7 Responses to Hindu Temple visit !

  1. 0272011ps says:

    At the Hindu temple we learnt why Ganesh has a elephant head, we watched people worship some of the gods and we watched a power point about Hindu festivals and some of the Hindu gods.

    By Paige

  2. 0272011ma says:

    Today was so fun, I am so grateful to Mrs Calland and Miss Harvey and everyone else who organises trip for year 6 I really enjoyed it. Today we walked down to a local Hindu temple. When we first walked into the temple we had to take off a shoes in sign of respect, and as we was walking up the stairs to the pray room we saw beautiful designs and paintings of the Hindu gods. When we walked into the worship room I saw beautiful paintings and pictures of the Hindu gods and flowers wrapped around all the pictures. At the top of the room there was a beautiful shrine and tow Hindu gods on top of the shrine there was the Hindu sign ‘Aum’

  3. 0272011ma says:

    Beautiful designs everywhere and pictures of the guards such an amazing experience and I absolutely love smell too incense!

  4. Umara says:

    On Monday 6th November both year 6’s went to a Hindu Temple. For our RE Lesson it was soo fun!!! I learnt lots, a man at the Temple who knew lots about different religions volunteered to teach us more about Hinduism. We saw how people went to the Temple doing Puja they ring a bell to let god know they are ready for Puja. The Temple was so colourful and bright because from Diwali and to make it a nice place to be in and we had to take our shoes for sign of respect like they do in Mosques for Muslims . What is your religion? There god is called Brahma he is the main god he is made in lots of different forms, they had fruits, milk,water and lots more food to feed the gods, they knew the gods couldn’t actually eat the food people blessed them and drew a curtain so they could eat in peace. But before that at 10’clock for puja they sang and chanted in Hindi we had to clap and play instruments and we all made lots and lots of noise it was fun.

  5. 0272011ko says:

    On Monday 6th of November Year 6s and 6C went to the Hindu temple on Chorley Old Road. When we went into the Hindu temple,before we went into the temple we had to take our shoes off to show the sign of respect. We learnt lots about the temple!!!

  6. 0272013gp says:

    Did you have fun. what was your favourite part?

  7. 0272011lc says:

    I had fun at the hind temple but the best part was the biscuits.

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