Class Assembly

Today, we had our fabulous Class Assembly all about forces!

We talked about everything we have learned so far in our Science lessons. Some of the jokes were very funny!

Thank you to everybody who came, we really enjoyed practising and performing for you!

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Click here to see our class assembly page on our website.

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Here are some comments from Year 5B parents:

“Today is an excellent assembly.” – Aisha’s mum

“You did really well, Year 5.” – Melody’s mum

“Had a good morning.” – Lewis’ dad

“Well done Year 5, you all did fantastic.” – Freya’s mum

“Fantastic assembly. All did very well.” – Jack’s mum

“A very funny assembly! Well done all of you.” – Bindi’s mum

“Absolutely brilliant.” – Emma-Leigh’s mum

“Loved it. Well done everyone.” – .” – Emily’s mum

“Well done, 5B. Another fantastic assembly.” – Paige’s mum

“Well done, Year 5.” – Priya’s mum

“Fabulous assembly! Well done, Year 5B.” – Jayden’s mum



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5 Responses to Class Assembly

  1. 0272011ma says:

    I am really lucky to have a most wonderful, talented and intelligent class like this thank you. Xxxx the best

  2. Umara says:

    I loved our class assembly it was soooooooooooooooo funny I really loved Jayden and Jack’s part , when they pretend to be coach Matt and a student!

  3. Umara says:

    Also thank you Mrs Bain for planning the assembly even though you were poorly!

  4. 0272011ps says:

    I loved our class assembly, it was sooooooooooooo good, thank you Mrs Bain for planning it even though you were poorly. The best bit was when Jayden and Jack did the P.E bit. Also I loved it when Louise and Umara did the teacher and child bit.

    By Paige

  5. Priya says:

    I loved our class assembly because I love the part with Louise and Lewis with the skipping rope!!!!!!

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