Year 6 Class Assembly

6C did the first class assembly of the term today – teaching everybody about the rainforest! As part of our topic we are going to be learning about South America, the work of artist Georgia O’Keefe and even creating our own rainforest in the classroom using our collaging skills.

Emma Leigh’s mum commented:

‘Well done 6C! Fantastic assembly!’

Paige’s mum said:

‘Well done 6C on your brilliant assembly.’

Bindi’s mum commented:

‘It has been lovely to watch your confidence grow throughout the year.’


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The Great Graffiti Debate

During our new English topic of discussion writing, we are going to be thinking about the arguments for and against graffiti. Most people will have their own opinion about graffiti but to be able to write a balanced argument and debate a topic we need to know both sides of the argument.

As part of your homework this week we would like you to use the websites that you have been given to find out some more information about graffiti and post what you find out on our blog.

You could include:

*information about famous graffiti artists e.g. Jean Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Banksy

*information about different forms of graffiti e.g Ancient graffiti, modern graffiti, tags, throw-ups, fill in, clothes and fashion

*arguments for and against graffiti

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Cross-Curricular Maths

This week we have done some cross-curricular maths in our topic lesson linked to biscuits. We have calculated the cost of the ingredients bought and how much profit we are hoping to make from selling our biscuits on Friday.

WATCH THIS SPACE  to see our biscuit making process…

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This week as part of our ‘What makes a good brand range?’ topic, we have made prototypes of our biscuit designs using play dough. This is to test what our biscuits will look like when we make the real ones and if we need to make any changes to our designs. What do you think?

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Light and How We See Things

Our science topic this half term is all about light and how we see things. In our science lesson last week we used prisms to investigate how we can see rainbows and how light is actually made up of 7 different colours (rather than being white, like we first thought). Can you remember which colours light is made up of? Can you remember which scientist discovered this?

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What Makes a Good Brand Range?

Yesterday we started our new DT topic. During this topic we will be designing and making Christmas themed biscuits but before we get to that point there is a lot of work involved in conducting market research, deciding on the ingredients to use, creating design ideas and making prototypes. We will also be designing the packaging for our biscuits and advertising to sell them so that we can make as much profit as possible.

To get an ideas about the different types of biscuits already available and find out about people’s preferences, we of course had to conduct a taste test of a range of different types and flavours of biscuits.

What was your favourite biscuit 6C?

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IQM Centre of Excellence

A couple of weeks ago an assessor came into school to confirm that we have maintained our Inclusion Centre of Excellence status. We have received an excellent report about everything we do to be an inclusive school. We are all proud to be part of the Oxford Grove Family and celebrate the different cultures and needs within our school.

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DT biscuit taste test !

On Wednesday 15th November 6C did a taste test with biscuits. We talked about the name, type,appearance, flavour, diagram. The biscuits we tried were a chocolate digestive, custard cream, fruit biscuit, plain digestive cheese chedder and chocolate fingers.

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Hindu Temple visit !

Today, we visited our local Hindu temple. We learnt lots of different facts and was able to watch some people worship. We all listened really well and were very respectful. The Hindu temple was amazing to see with lots of different coloured lights, beautiful pictures and scenery. 

What did you learn from our visit today? 

Miss Stockton, Mrs Calland and Miss Jarvis x

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Image result for hindu lettering

On Monday, Year 6 are really looking forward to visiting a Hindu Temple to learn more about this faith linked to our current R.E learning. 

We will upload pictures of our visit next week. 

*What are you looking forward to the most about this trip?

*What do you already know? 

Miss Stockton, Mrs Calland and Miss Jarvis xx 

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