Our Anglo-Saxon Experience!

Today, we had a fabulous time taking part in an Anglo Saxon workshop. First of all, we started by being introduced to Anglo Saxon names and jobs. We created our own names and chose jobs we would like to have many many years ago! What was your Anglo Saxon name?

After that, we started looking at different artefacts that had been found including a helmet found at Sutton Hoo. We had a great time passing them round and looking at what they were. We discussed home life from the Anglo Saxon times and looked at the different clothes they wore.

After playtime, we were introduced to a game that they used to play where they fought over a stick. It was called stick wrestling. It was great fun, we cheered our friends on when they were competing.

In the afternoon, we looked at the armour the Anglo Saxons would of worn and even took part in a battle. It was a brilliant day! What was your favourite part?

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Poetry Day!

Today we used our English lesson to prepare a performance of ‘Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf’ – By Roald Dahl- Revolting Rhymes. We were each given a part and performed this in front of Upper Key Stage 2.

Which part did you have? 

What did you enjoy the most about  your performance? 

Miss Stockton x

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International Poetry Day

Our poem is called the Little Red Riding Hood. I like this poem  because its about when the wolf knocked on grandma’s door, he ate her up. Our class performed this poem by Roald Dahl. We practised this poem in our English lessons. This afternoon, we are performing our poem in the hall. We are going to be given parts in the poem to perform it. This poem is about that the wolf knocking at the door and after that he gobbles up Red Riding hood in one big bite. When Little Red Riding hood came home, he dressed very quickly just like grandma. We got given parts for our poem. My favourite line is when he she got a pistol from her knickers!

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May the force be with you!

Last week we did an assembly on forces! We talked about gravity and the man who discovered it (Sir Isaac Newton).

During the assembly we made jokes, raced paper helicopters and demonstrated how to use a Newton metre.

We have had lots of fun learning about gravity in our science lessons, and we loved being able to show our school friends and our family!


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Reading area ….

In our Reading area we have brand new books all about our current Topic, the Anglo Saxons! Some children have already been reading these books to support them with their cross curricular report on Sutton Hoo!

Can you tell me what information you have found out about this topic by reading any of our books?

If you haven’t had time to go in this area yet, make sure you have a look next week. Let me know what facts you find out about 🙂

Miss Stockton and Miss Campbell x  

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Fun in Maths !!

In our Maths area we have lots of fun problem solving activities to get our brains working. 

This week, we worked as a team to solve different addition and subtraction problems linked to our target work! 

What have you done in the Maths area? What new things have you learnt this week in Maths? 

Miss Stockton and Miss King x 

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A fantastic start to the year …..

Welcome back!

We are now into our second week and what a fantastic start it has been so far! 

We have begun our new topics such as Anglo Saxons!

 Image result for Anglo Saxons!

What have you learnt so far? 

What are you looking forward to? 

Miss Stockton and Miss Campbell x 

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Reading in Year 5!

We have been sharing our favourite books with our friends in Year 5 …….. 

My favourite book is ‘The Witches’ by Roald Dahl because it is full of excitement and adventure. Have you read this book before? 

What was your favourite book? Can you tell me what happened in your book? 

I can not wait to hear about the books you would choose!

Miss Stockton x 


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A Year in the life… Year 4M

What was your favourite memory from Year 4?

Miss Stockton

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New reading display ready for 5S – Wild About Reading!

Our new Reading area for September is now up and running thanks to Mrs White! Who is excited to dress up as a jungle explorer and explore a good book? 

You can find out who our class author and poet will be for Year 5 and even start to look at their books!

Have you been in our new area yet? 

Miss Stockton x 


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