World Book Day

Today was World Book Day and in Miss Lord’s literacy group we celebrated this by discussing some of our favourite books.

It was so lovely to hear so many children talk about how much they love reading!

This is Bindi’s work. Her favourite book is James and the Giant Peach – a good choice!







Can you tell me your favourite book?

Miss Lord x

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Fencing & Archery

Some children in Year 5 have started a new after-school club: fencing & archery!

This is a brand new club to be offered to Oxford Grove children and we had lots of responses from children who wanted to take part.

I hope you’ve been enjoying it 5L! It looks amazing!

Miss Lord x


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Music in Year 5 is extra special because we learn drumming and brass with Mr Bamford and Mr Dunkley.

Each child in Year 5 gets a chance to learn both brass and drumming.

After Easter, the children will be able to choose from drumming or brass – they will then spend the rest of the year developing their skills with their chosen instrument!

Have any of you made a decision yet 5L?

On the 23rd March, we are looking forward to children from another school coming to visit us. On this day we are hoping to make new friends and share our musical talents with one another. We can’t wait!

Miss Lord x

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Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day 2018 was on the 6th February, so today in our computing slot we discussed what it meant to be safe and kind online.

The children had lots to say about who they played games with or chatted to online. I was pleased to hear that so many of our children take steps to ensure they are always safe. For example, some children said that they were too young for certain social media sites so they didn’t have an account on them, and others said they knew the importance of keeping their bodies healthy so don’t spend too much time staring at a screen!

As homework, I asked all of 5L to do ONE good deed online this weekend. That could include liking someone’s photos, sending a compliment or a nice comment, working together with your friend to win a game, etc.

Can you comment to tell me your good deeds 5L?

Miss Lord x

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Art in 5L

We’ve been doing loads of art in Year 5 recently!

Last week, we were really lucky to have a visitor in school who helped us contribute to a whole-school art project, which is now up for display right outside our classroom!

We worked really well together to decorate huge, colourful birds by layering tissue paper with PVA glue.

Then later in the week, some of us began creating our Mayan masks, linked to our history topic. They look great, and the other children will get chance to make theirs in the coming weeks!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this 5L!

Miss Lord x

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Maya letters

In year 5 we have been learning about the Mayans. We are going to be doing an assembly on the Maya Civilisation. We know that the Mayans were very smart and made there own alphabet and number system. I have been researching and  have looked into the writing and number system of the Mayans as some extra homework.

Image result for maya lettersImage result for maya number system

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Maths areas and working walls

This week, Mrs Day and Miss Lowe have set up a lovely new maths area in the 5L classroom. You can see that they have put lots of time and effort in to make it look amazing! As well as looking fabulous, it contains tons of fun activities to practise maths skills in different and exciting ways.

Can you tell me about the maths areas in your maths classrooms?

Miss Lord x

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Over the past two weeks we have been very lucky to welcome two visitors into our school on two separate occasions. The first was a representative from A-Life who came to teach us how to keep our bodies healthy.

During the morning, we played games and completed activities, to do with food, exercise, water, etc.

Then in the afternoon, we took part in a fitness circuit – 45 minutes of non-stop exercise! There were a few pink faces by the end of it!

Do you remember any ways in which we can keep our bodies healthy 5L?


The second visitor was from Football vs. Homophobia. We learned and discussed what homophobia is, and how it can affect people. Tatiana from 5B won a t-shirt for her fantastic answer!

Miss Lord x

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Since we got back to school from our lovely Christmas break, we have started a new history topic – The Maya Civilisation.

Most of us had never even heard of this time period, this group of people and their culture. So far we have learned all about where they came from, and imagined what their life would be like by looking at pictures and researching using non-fiction.

Image result for Maya Culture

We have also linked this to our art topic, by researching art from different cultures including the Maya Civilisation. We are going to be focussing on masks, and eventually make our own Mayan mask!

What would you like to know about this part of history 5L?

Miss Lord x

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Spelling can be a really tricky area for some of us. That’s why we have been doing lots of extra spelling work recently to improve your skills.

You should be learning new words and spellings in class, as well as being sent homework involving this.

How many of these Y5/Y6 spellings do you already know? Click on the image to make it larger.

Can you think why good spelling is so important?

Miss Lord x



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