Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day 2018 was on the 6th February, so today in our computing slot we discussed what it meant to be safe and kind online.

The children had lots to say about who they played games with or chatted to online. I was pleased to hear that so many of our children take steps to ensure they are always safe. For example, some children said that they were too young for certain social media sites so they didn’t have an account on them, and others said they knew the importance of keeping their bodies healthy so don’t spend too much time staring at a screen!

As homework, I asked all of 5L to do ONE good deed online this weekend. That could include liking someone’s photos, sending a compliment or a nice comment,¬†working together with your friend to win a game,¬†etc.

Can you comment to tell me your good deeds 5L?

Miss Lord x

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