Art in 5L

We’ve been doing loads of art in Year 5 recently!

Last week, we were really lucky to have a visitor in school who helped us contribute to a whole-school art project, which is now up for display right outside our classroom!

We worked really well together to decorate huge, colourful birds by layering tissue paper with PVA glue.

Then later in the week, some of us began creating our Mayan masks, linked to our history topic. They look great, and the other children will get chance to make theirs in the coming weeks!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this 5L!

Miss Lord x

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One Response to Art in 5L

  1. Deepisha Blakeway says:

    Oh wow, there is never a dull day in Class 5L.

    The masks look amazing and I bet the bird’s look fantastic too.


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