Spelling can be a really tricky area for some of us. That’s why we have been doing lots of extra spelling work recently to improve your skills.

You should be learning new words and spellings in class, as well as being sent homework involving this.

How many of these Y5/Y6 spellings do you already know? Click on the image to make it larger.

Can you think why goodĀ spelling is so important?

Miss Lord x



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14 Responses to Spelling

  1. Deepisha Blakeway says:

    Maddi has been talking about the focus on spellings, she is feeling very confident which is great. She was also explaining that she likes that the words are given in a sentence so that she can understand the context the words can be used it, well done Miss Lord. (”,)

  2. 0272012mb says:

    I think spelling is very important because if we don’t learn now we will never learn, and when we get older it is important that you know English. If we don’t learn now we wont learn the basics and we will struggle.

  3. 0272012ng says:

    I got about nine wrong, so you are right Miss Lord, it could be tricky. I felt sorry for Sumayah because she got about 12 wrong so I tried to make her better. But you all know everyone makes mistakes.


  4. Henry says:

    This spelling practices made my spelling better an help me on my spelling test.

  5. Sumayah says:

    I think spelling is so important because if an important teacher is looking in your book then they need to be able to read the words . Also we do spelling 2 weeks on Tuesday . I am not very good at spelling and I have to practise a lot and Miss Lord (my teacher ) gets the class to do spelling tests at the start of a new term also in the middle . We have to do that because some people are not as strong at spellings as they used to be before the holiday because they probably haven’t picked up a pen through the holidays . Sumayah 5L

  6. Shan says:

    I love spelling and my favourite word is despicable and it means unbelievable !!
    What`s your favourite word?

  7. Hamzah says:

    I have learnt so much in Miss lord literacy about spelling,spelling can be useful because you can play games.Like beach ball you say a word then you throw the ball you have to say the letter of the word you have to take turns

  8. Mia Cooper says:

    I love spelling because you can practise other and other again and just get better . My favourite word is favourite because I can remember it in a easier way.

    By Mia 5L

  9. Arshia says:

    Spelling are important because there are really tricky and you should know all the spellings by the end of year 4 and when you come to year 5 you will look at all the walls you will see a red big paper there will be altos spelling I love learning spelling.

  10. 0272012jg says:

    spellings are in important because sometimes you cant now the spellings in year 4 you need to now spellings.

  11. Tamanna says:

    I think good spellings are important because you need your spellings right. For example, you got told to do a essay for an exam and you want no spelling mistakes so you have to learn your spellings . If you don’t then you might not get all your spellings right . Spellings can be very important! : )

  12. Taylor says:

    I really liked the hockey because it was fun and very hard like eating 1,000,000 pancakes !!!!!!

  13. 0272012az says:

    Spelling is so good because when you write to someone or you have to write in your book. Spelling is also good your brain šŸ˜‰

  14. Sumayah says:

    I think I am weak at spelling that is why I practise also I feel like Miss Lord and Mrs Bain are trying to help me as much as they can but I canā€™t lie I am a lot better then I was at the start of year 5 .

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