During the Spring term, year 5 are going to be looking at ‘invasion games’ in their P.E. sessions. This will include Miss Lord’s favourite – hockey!

What do you already know about hockey?

How can we make sure we stay safe whilst still having fun during P.E.?

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Miss Lord x

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  1. Deepisha Blakeway says:

    I had a great conversation with Miss Stockton regarding PE, she explained in details the way the school ensure that the children are getting physical activities whether this is through the PE lessons, experts coming into speak to the children and extra curricular activities that are being put in place.

    Maddi has asked about Hockey and I think this is going to be something that she will really enjoy. (”,)

  2. 0272012mb says:

    I cant wait to do hockey in summer it is a really good game if you know how to play. In hockey you have to tackle and you have to make sure you can save the hockey ball, if you are good at these skills you will be good at hockey but you need to remember to help your team.

  3. 0272012ct says:

    The way to keep hockey fun is to play by the rules . The rules are what makes a game a game but the really demanding rules are pretty harsh because they disable some parts of the game this is why I don’t like demanding rules:(

  4. Henry says:

    On Monday the whole class went in the hall and played bench ball. We had 4 team green,red,light blue,dark blue but green won!

  5. 0272012ks says:

    I really enjoyed this lesson because in the start we were running a lot and it got me so much faster. After that we got put in a team blue,light blue,green,red I got put in light blue we had hamzah mia sumagh diary and me. Then we did an faze of .

  6. 0272012ng says:

    Miss Lord is my favourite because I may like football but I like hockey as well. I think invasion sports are he bests sports in the world. Thanks to coach matt!

    By Nathan

  7. Shan says:

    P.E is my favourite subject in school but I also love geography !! I LOVE FOTBALL GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What`s your favourite sport and subject?
    BY SHAN 5L

  8. Sumayah says:

    Hockey is an invasion game were you use long sticks a bit like golf ticks . Hockey is usually played on ice . People have to wear knee pads and metal helmets . We can have fun during P.E but also be safe by : wearing pumps , trainers , sports wear , not playing on slipy floor , make sure it is good weather , not running inside only outside and making sure you have first aid bags . By Sumayah 5L

  9. 0272012aa1 says:

    I have never played hockey in my life I am looking forward to playing it

  10. Hamzah says:

    I love P.E because it get you fit and favourite is benchball because youhave ots of practis and its really fun

  11. Waleed says:

    we have been doing hocky since year 4and it was fun

  12. Ibrahim says:

    I am so looking forward to hockey this term .WOW! I did not know your favourite sport is hockey!
    Do you like hockey on ?

    a. ice
    b. ground

    By Ibrahim

  13. Mia Cooper says:

    I think hockey is amazing and you can get some new skills and have fun at the same time
    By Mia 5L

  14. 0272012az says:

    In invasion games you have to have 2 teams both teams have a ball or something else then you have to try and get a point. My favourite invasion game is football because its the only foot game but the keeper can use legs and hands:)
    And you can kick it 😉

  15. Emaan says:

    In year 5L we have P.E. with Coach Matt and he does fun things with us and on Monday the 15th we played a game were 1 person from 2 teams get to stand on the bench and the other peoples from the 2 same teams were on the opposite side of the team. Coach Matt gave the ball to someone and they had to stand still while the people on there team were moving around and the person with the ball needs to pass it to one of the people on there team and get it to the person on the bench on your team. whoever threw the ball to the person on there team on the bench swaps with the person who threw the ball:]:].

  16. 0272012ti says:

    Good afternoon, I love P.E. . In P.E., we are learning about invasion games, did you Know that football is a invasion game. Our P.E. days are on Mondays and Thursdays for extra P.E..

  17. 0272012jg says:

    l love P.E because we dodggeball and football . At P.E. we do some exercise we just have fun.

  18. 0272012db says:

    Hello Miss Lord I like hockey

  19. Arshia says:

    I love P.E because we do football and dodgeball ,ruby tennis exercise hockey we run jump and others thing.

  20. 0272012rh says:

    Hello Miss Lord I know something about hockey and I like too hockey and I am gonna tell you something about it . First is like golf you need to pick the plastic thing hard don t let it go easy and pick the tennis ball and you need to flowe in to the goal.

  21. Romaisa says:

    Hockey is very FUN 🙂 When we are doing P.E we make sure that we are NOT messing around and not playing with our friends like some people DO! We all like P.E so you would not want to get kicked out it…Romaisa xxx

  22. Sumayah says:

    I really enjoy pe because it is really fun but tiring at the same time . Also coach Matt is a really good pe teacher and he is very fun at teaching us. Also I love the invasion games and I agree Miss Lord hockey is really fun .

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