This week we have been catching up on our D.T. topic – How could I improve a Viking longboat?

We decided to use our knowledge of forces to create streamlined boats, and our previous learning on circuits to create a boat that could move without too much hard work!

Here are some of the completed boats:

Although they look GREAT, our boats definitely weren’t perfect and we talked about this in our evaluation.

What were some of the problems with our boats?

What would you do differently next time?

I hope you enjoyed this topic!

Miss Lord x

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23 Responses to D.T.

  1. Mia says:

    I really enjoyed designing and making our boats, we used a saw, a glue gun, lollypop sticks, a bench press and goggle. My partner was my best friend Maddison and she was scared of the saw so I helped her to get use to it. Then we sawed the shape we chose and we chose the round one. After that we used the glue gun to secure the edges, and then we counted how many lollypop sticks we needed. Next we got all the lollypop stick and glue gunned them to the bottom. Soon after we added the motor and the fans. We then added the battery and the battery holder. The next day we put it in the water ours was the best and it floated but water was able to get in.

    By Mia 5L

    • Deepisha Blakeway says:

      That is very detailed Mia, it is evident that you and Maddi work very well together.

      It looks like you ladies considered all possibilities when putting the boat together, it looks fantastic.

      Well Done (”,)

    • 0272012mb says:

      Our boat was very strong but wasn’t the best, a lot of water got in and part of it collapsed.

  2. Deepisha Blakeway says:

    Wow, Maddi that looks amazing. I can imagine that building the boat is something you would have enjoyed.

    What was your evaluation of the boat? (”,)

    • Sumayah says:

      My evaluation was to change the size , height , wood , strength and the base . I would keep the shape the same , motor the same and were I put the battery holder . I really enjoyed using the glue gun , the saw , motor, battery , the cutter for shaping the boat . Alen was a really good partner to work but he couldn’t do much because he struggled ( he is left handed ) so it was harder to saw . He was really good at cutting the shape . I would defiantly work with him again . I really want to make the boats again . Maybe the next year5’s could paint their boats if Miss is alright with it .Miss Lord helped me to use the glue gun .I would definitely recommend this topic and do it again . By Sumayah 5 L

  3. 0272012aa1 says:

    I really enjoyed making the boats it was so much fun! especially sawing and glueing

  4. Waleed says:

    I really liked this lesson because we got out diy stuff .Some things were dangerous .

  5. 0272012az says:

    The boat I made with Sumayah was hard for me at least the problem was well the lolly sticks had gaps in it so it all got wet then the sticks snapped then the glue got wet it was a disaster 🙁

  6. 0272012az says:

    The boat I made with Sumayah was hard for me at least the problem was well the lolly sticks had gaps in it so it all got wet then the sticks snapped then the glue got wet it was a disaster 🙁 .

    By Alen 5L

  7. 0272012db says:

    It was fantastic didn’t make because it was so had it wasn’t easy to make but also I learn how to make boat

  8. 0272012ma says:

    I really enjoyed this lesson it was one of my favourites because we got to use high tec gear and equipment like saws and glue guns . It was awesome and we even got to be like real scientists by using science goggles. Thank you Miss Lord

  9. Mohammed-Zain says:

    I really enjoyed making our boats . It’s so sad that none of the boats floated not even mine and Henry’s . Hope that next year some of the boats might float. Your a great teacher Miss lord .

    Thank you for helping .

  10. Henry says:

    I made my boat but not fully well it would still float.I learnt that a boat have to be streamed lined.

  11. 0272012mb says:

    My boat managed to float but it wasn’t strong enough so it did get flooded, we said that we need stronger materials than the lolly sticks. Some of the boats were great but need more work. I’m glad that we made the boats though, some people don’t even do D.T so we are very lucky. To make the boats we had to use a saw, lolly sticks and glue. We got the choice to choose which type of boat we wanted: streamlined, curved or flat.

  12. Hamzah says:

    I am sad because i didnt get to build one because everyone was sinking.

  13. 0272012rh says:

    Hello I am Rida we have seen a video about how to make boats and, when we saw how to make boats Miss Lord said ” can you guys see your form of your boat if you like a pointy boat, a square one or a ice-cream one . After the other day we have start making our boats , we have pick our instrument the saw and a ruler and a pencil.bye bye bye bye bye.

  14. Shan Saidi says:

    I loved DT but our boat sank because we had holes I them!
    Did your boat sink?

    BY SHAN 5L

  15. 0272012ng says:

    My partner was Amara, one of the kindest partners. My boat didn’t look that great though. 🙁 🙁 :(. But at least I have some pride in my work. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. 0272012ab says:

    I really like this lesson! First we had to design our boat on paper .Miss Lord told some people at a time to make a boat. Then when it was my turn I got some safety goggles and put it on. My partner was Nathan he was a good partner 🙂 We placed the sawing block on the table then we got two saws for me and Nathan 🙂 Then we got a pencil and a ruler to measure how long we wanted our boat. We then cut the wood the size we wanted it using the saw. Once we did that Miss Lord told us to get all the pieces so she can HOT glue the wooden sticks together. Me and Nathan helped Miss Lord to stick the wood together . Miss Lord told us to go back into our places and get the amount of lolly sticks we needed and told us to come back to stick them together with glue. So when we finished we went to Miss Lord to help her stick them together. After we made the boat we needed to figure out were to put the motor. Me and Nathan decided to put it at the back. So we took all the things we needed to make the motor to Miss Lord. We put it together and Miss Lord stuck the motor with HOT glue. We finally finished OUR boat but Miss Lord put our boat in a big bucket of water. The water splashed all over Miss Lord but when we put the boat in it sank because there were holes at the bottom of the boat 🙁

  17. 0272012ct says:

    Well done to anyone who took part in that activity if you had time to complete it perfect but it was worth a shot because it was our 2nd to last Viking work now where on the Mayans and the Mayans built there houses out of brick and straw;)

  18. Emaan says:

    I like D.T especially when we made the boats but I didn’t make one I hope if we do it again I would like to make one and it was really fun.

  19. Sumayah says:

    We had too many holes in our boat and I would change the wood and some of the materials . I really enjoyed this topic because I love dot and I love working in team , especially with Alen . Alen is a really good partner and I hope I work with him again . I loved using the saw and cutting the wood . I also loved glue gunning . I love this topic .

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