Recently we have been working really hard to update our displays across school. We have been looking at the topics we will be starting in September and producing some excellent work ready to put up on our walls.

What does your new classroom look like?

Miss Lord x



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In art, we are still working on our topic of: How Did the Great Artists See Themselves?

We have been thinking about how we see ourselves. Last week, we each created a photo montage to represent our personalities. This is Sumayah’s:

She has done a great job of using the space on her page. She has made sure she has used a range of colours to make her collage good to look at but also chosen images that tell us about what kind of person she is.

What would you put on your photo collage?

Miss Lord x

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On Friday, many of our children were at home celebrating Eid with their family and friends. In school, we made cards for our Muslim friends to show we were thinking of them.

What did you do to celebrate Eid?

Miss Lord x

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This year in music, we have had a change from out usual lovely teacher Mrs Hudson. This is because Year 5 learn how to play brass and drums with Mr Dunkley and Mr Bamford. The class was split in half – half did drumming for a term and half did brass, then we swapped over for the next term.

Recently, the children have chosen their favourite from drumming and brass and they are now spending the rest of the year working in that particular group.

I think this is a great opportunity for our children to try something new and I really hope they have enjoyed it.

Miss Lord x



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Smiley Reward – Crazy Golf!

This morning, we had our Summer 1 smiley reward which we earned for our impeccable behaviour and making the right choices.

We went onto the astroturf in the lovely sunshine and Miss Lord put us into teams on 3. In our teams, we had to navigate the golf ball through 9 different courses, with different levels of difficulty. Some were easy, some were really hard!

We all had a lot of fun 🙂

Miss Lord x


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In the Autumn term in year 5, we did two exciting D.T. topics, both linking to our history focus of Vikings.

Next year, you will be doing some baking as part of D.T. and you will also get to design and make your own t shirt.

What have been your favourite D.T. topics?

What do you like most about D.T.?

Miss Lord x

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We have recently started a new art topic in Year 5.

Our learning question is: How did the great artists see themselves?

We will be looking in particular at David Hockney and how he interpreted people’s faces to produce some great portraits.

This week, we have looked at some of the art David Hockney has produced and we have tried to copy it. This allowed us to experiment with oil pastels. We looked really carefully at the colours used by the original artist and noticed that a face isn’t just one colour.

This is Rida’s interpretation of one of the portraits:

Rida has a great background and has used the space well.

What do you think Rida could do to improve?

Miss Lord x

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The Highwayman

In Mrs Bains literacy group we have been reading a book called the highwayman . On one hand it was sad but in the other it intimidating. The main characters are Bess and the Highwayman . Let me tell you what the story was all about …

The Highwayman was galloping on his horse and saw Bess . Bess the landlords black eyed daughter, the Highwayman fell in love with her . They made a plan to gallop off to the west and roll down the hill near the sunset. Will be continued…

Then Bess got kidnapped to trap the Highwayman to arrest him because he stole from some people . Then Bess shot her self just to save her true love ! 

I hope you enjoyed my quick summary here are some questions :

. What did Bess do to save her true love ?

. Who is Bess the daughter of ?

Thank you the answers are :

Shot her self and Bess is the daughter of the landlord.

By Sumayah

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This term we have been using Purple Mash to develop and extend our coding skills.

5L are already excellent at coding but this term we are introducing different and new commands. In the past couple of weeks we have looked at using ‘if’ and ‘when’ commands. For example we were using a knight to guard a castle; we created a command that meant IF he moved too far to the right, he would turn round and walk to his left.

This allows us to create more challenging programmes and games on Purple Mash.

I love computing because you lot are always teaching me new things!

Why do you love computing?

Miss Lord x

See the source image

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Yesterday afternoon, we did some cross-curricular writing in our science lesson.

We watched videos and researched information about Neil Armstrong, then used everything we had learned to create a fact file about this significant individual. This links to our science topic of Earth and Space!

I learned lots of things about Neil Armstrong that I didn’t already know. For example, did you know he was only 15 years old when he got his pilot’s license?

Click on the photo to see Dyari’s writing. He has made so much progress since the start of the year and he is doing really well 🙂 well done Dyari.

Miss Lord x

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