This term we have been using Purple Mash to develop and extend our coding skills.

5L are already excellent at coding but this term we are introducing different and new commands. In the past couple of weeks we have looked at using ‘if’ and ‘when’ commands. For example we were using a knight to guard a castle; we created a command that meant IF he moved too far to the right, he would turn round and walk to his left.

This allows us to create more challenging programmes and games on Purple Mash.

I love computing because you lot are always teaching me new things!

Why do you love computing?

Miss Lord x

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Yesterday afternoon, we did some cross-curricular writing in our science lesson.

We watched videos and researched information about Neil Armstrong, then used everything we had learned to create a fact file about this significant individual. This links to our science topic of Earth and Space!

I learned lots of things about Neil Armstrong that I didn’t already know. For example, did you know he was only 15 years old when he got his pilot’s license?

Click on the photo to see Dyari’s writing. He has made so much progress since the start of the year and he is doing really well 🙂 well done Dyari.

Miss Lord x

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Spring 2 Smiley Reward

On the last day of term we had our smiley reward which recognises good behaviour across the school. Children who have earned enough stickers to fill their smiley chart are able to attend a treat organised by Miss Harvey.

This time we had lots of fun in a sport-themed smiley reward! The UK Military School visited us again with lots of great activities to help us learn about teamwork.

What was your favourite part?

Would you like this smiley reward again?

Miss Lord x

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Prestolee visit Oxford Grove!

Last Friday, we were visited by children from a Year 5 class at another school!

Prestolee’s Year 5 came to visit to take part in an African drumming and singing day with our Year 5s.

We worked hard all day to learn songs (both singing and drumming!) to perform to our parents in the hall. It was a great experience for our Year 5s who have made some lovely new friends.

Can you tell me about your new friends 5L?

Miss Lord x


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Life Caravan

On Wednesday, 5L went into the Life Caravan!

Our learning topic this year was friendship. First, we listened to the talking brain to learn about the effects of drugs and alcohol on our bodies. We then discussed how one of the main reasons people begin smoking or taking other drugs is because their friends tell them to. This is why it is really important that we know how to say no, or feel comfortable to change our mind about something we have said to our friend.

It is really hard to say no, especially to our friends. But I hope you feel more confident doing this now 5L!

What was your favourite part?

Can you think of a time when you would need to say no to someone?

Miss Lord x


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International Women’s Day

Today we have been learning about International Women’s day in 5L and we learnt about Emily Davison and Emmeline Pankhurst. In 5L we did some reasearch and found out that Emmeline had created the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU). Emily Davison is very famous because she jumped in front of the kings horse and people think that Emily tried to attach a sash saying Votes For Women. In 1914 World War One began and all of the suffregetes had to help and work. In 1918 the war finished and everyone went back to their everyday lives, but the women still weren’t allowed to vote. All of the women were very annoyed at the fact that they weren’t allowed to work or vote, and they told everyone that they managed to work when they were at war so they can work now. Later in 1918 married women were allowed to vote if they were over the age of 30, this is when life for women started to change. In 1928 women were allowed to vote from the age of 21, this probably made the suffragettes very happy because at the time men were allowed to vote at the age of 21. A few days later Emmeline Pankhurst sadly died on the 14th July 1928 aged 21. Emily Davison was also a very well know suffragette and went to jail 9 times and died on 8th June 1913 for her injurys from when she was trampled by the kings horse on the 4 June 1913.


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World Book Day

Today was World Book Day and in Miss Lord’s literacy group we celebrated this by discussing some of our favourite books.

It was so lovely to hear so many children talk about how much they love reading!

This is Bindi’s work. Her favourite book is James and the Giant Peach – a good choice!







Can you tell me your favourite book?

Miss Lord x

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Fencing & Archery

Some children in Year 5 have started a new after-school club: fencing & archery!

This is a brand new club to be offered to Oxford Grove children and we had lots of responses from children who wanted to take part.

I hope you’ve been enjoying it 5L! It looks amazing!

Miss Lord x


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Music in Year 5 is extra special because we learn drumming and brass with Mr Bamford and Mr Dunkley.

Each child in Year 5 gets a chance to learn both brass and drumming.

After Easter, the children will be able to choose from drumming or brass – they will then spend the rest of the year developing their skills with their chosen instrument!

Have any of you made a decision yet 5L?

On the 23rd March, we are looking forward to children from another school coming to visit us. On this day we are hoping to make new friends and share our musical talents with one another. We can’t wait!

Miss Lord x

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Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day 2018 was on the 6th February, so today in our computing slot we discussed what it meant to be safe and kind online.

The children had lots to say about who they played games with or chatted to online. I was pleased to hear that so many of our children take steps to ensure they are always safe. For example, some children said that they were too young for certain social media sites so they didn’t have an account on them, and others said they knew the importance of keeping their bodies healthy so don’t spend too much time staring at a screen!

As homework, I asked all of 5L to do ONE good deed online this weekend. That could include liking someone’s photos, sending a compliment or a nice comment, working together with your friend to win a game, etc.

Can you comment to tell me your good deeds 5L?

Miss Lord x

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