A year in the life of 5B

We have had such an amazing year, here are a few of our highlights…


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This week some of our children have been celebrating Eid, some of the girls in our class had mehndi  patterns drawn onto their skin to mark the festival, in school we had our Eid celebration on Friday. Year 5, how did you celebrate Eid and did you celebrate on Sunday or Monday?

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Ofsted Inspection

We are awaiting our Ofsted visit, we are all looking forward to showing Ofsted all our hard work and talking about our fantastic school. Year 5 what do you want Ofsted to know about Oxford Grove?

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This week we have begun the transition into year 6. We are very excited about moving up into year 6 and becoming leaders of the school. We have already begun to think about which classes we would like to monitor as our monitoring jobs. Year 5 please tell me what you are most looking forward about year 6…

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Mayan Masks

We have been designing and creating masks based on the Mayan culture. Today we started to make our masks. We really enjoyed ourselves and worked hard on our designs. We will finish them next week.

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Cross-Curricular Maths in our art lessons

Today we were experimenting with shading different tones in our art lesson. We revised 3D shapes and their properties first and then used torches to investigate where light and dark tones would fall on the shapes. We then shaded these tones using 4B pencils to create light and shadows in our sketches.

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North America Pre Learning Task

Today we used play dough to show what we already know about North America. We used the play – dough to create the outline shape of North America, we then researched North America in the atlas and edited our outlines, adding the names of important features and places.


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Smiley reward – The Farm

We loved the visit today from the farm and enjoyed seeing all the animals, we have worked very hard to earn our smiley reward this term!

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Our latest award

We are proud that our school has so many awards. Just last Friday we achieved the ICT Quality Mark. We are very proud, especially as the assessor came to watch us working. Our digital leaders also helped by explaining to the assessor all about ICT at Oxford Grove.

Some of the other awards we have include: Arts Mark, Investors in Pupils, Investors in People Gold and Stonewall. Year 5 can you think of any other awards we have?

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Our fantastic progress in maths!

At the beginning of our topic on improper fractions and mixed numbers, Mrs Bain gave us a pre – learning assessment. Most of us were yellow as we didn’t get the answer correct. We worked on converting mixed numbers to improper fractions and vice versa, then we completed the assessment again and we could get it right! We have worked very hard and have a new maths skill to show for it. Here are some examples of our work. The first example is our pre-learning assessment, we were yellow this meant we needed to do so more work on this skill and then we changed to green meaning we had understood it  🙂 😀 !

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