African Music with Prestolee Primary School

We have had a very exciting day today, Year 5 from Prestolee Primary School came to join in with our music lessons. We had lots of fun meeting new friends and performing our songs together.

We also got to share our dinners together at dinner time.

At the end of the day we performed all our songs for parents from both schools.

Can you tell me the name of a new friend you made and which part of the day was the most fun?

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Trip to Haydock Race Course

Today year 5B went on a trip to visit Haydock Park, we got to run the race course before the horses, we also used lots of maths skills to calculate the perimeter of the parade ring and the length of the track.

We were very lucky as we even got to see the horses as they arrived and were scanned in.

Which was your favourite part of the day?

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Maya Masks

In our art lesson we have been researching Maya masks, we have researched battle, event and death masks.

We then designed our masks based on the research we had conducted.

We tried to use similar colours and patterns.

We did a great job and are very proud of our finished pieces.

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Explosions with Mrs Bain

In our science lessons we have been finding out about reversible and irreversible changes.

We added bicarbonate of soda to vinegar to see what happened.

Have look for yourself…

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World Book Day

Today we celebrated World Book Day, we made book marks for our favourite books.

Year 5 you know my favourite author is William Shakespeare – but who is yours?

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Drumming and Brass with Mr Bamford and Mr Dunkley

In year 5 we love our drumming and brass lessons, every Friday we split into two groups. Half of us go to drumming lessons and the other half brass lessons. We have all had the chance to do drumming and brass now, next term we get to choose which we want to carry on with.

Which will you choose?

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Working with the artist

We are working together to create a whole school sculpture. We worked to create a ‘skin’ for the trees and birds, using tissue paper and glue. It was very sticky but really good fun. We cannot wait to see how they will look once they are finished.

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Year 5 Coding Club

Year 5 this is the website for our coding club!


Miss Longmore

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A Life Healthy Living

Today we had a healthy living workshop, it was full of fun activities and we learnt all about how to keep our bodies healthy. Mrs Bain loved it because it was full of science facts.

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Shakespeare in year 5

In our guided reading lessons we have been reading Macbeth by William Shakespeare – last term we read The Tempest. Today in our lesson we compared and contrasted these two plays. We considered setting, characters, genre and plot.

What similarities and differences did you find.

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