Challenging gender stereotypes

Today we discussed gender stereotypes with Fort Alice. We discussed how boys and girls can do anything they want to do. We held a courtroom discussion about whether boys are stronger than girls.

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  1. Saarah says:

    I loved taking part in Fort Alice. My favorite bit was when Fatima and Daniel dressed up as lawyers and when Madison dressed up as the Judge and she was so loud and banged the wooden thing on the table. I got scared and that was terrifying! A few people came to teach us about Healthy Relationships. I enjoy Fort Alice coming in on Tuesdays.

  2. 0272012ob says:

    Daniel looked so funny in that defendant costume,but Maddison looked the funniest in the judge costume! When Maddison banged the mallet on the circle I nearly when death.She shouted “Sit down!”.

  3. 0272012mb says:

    I enjoyed taking part in fort Alice, year 5 has had them visiting for almost 4 weeks, we have done lots of fun things already. This lesson we were learning about gender stereotypes, we learnt that boys and girls can do the same things, I had to dress up as a judge, Daniel was a lawyer and Fatima was a Lawyer too. In the class everyone had to decide if all boys were stronger than girls or if boys and girls are the same.

    • Deepisha Blakeway says:

      That’s great Maddi, its important to understand how people have been treated historically, but it is great to also embrace the change many fought for to allow us the right as women.

      As we have always discussed, there is no difference between being a girl or boy, you can do anything you want in life, you just have to work hard for it.

      P.S. You and Daniel looked great in you Judge costumes.

  4. Fatima says:

    I really enjoyed it when Fort Alice came in it was really fun when me and Daniel dressed up as lawyers and Maddison dressed up as the judge it was really exiting. I felt nervous and excited at the same time thank you Fort Alice for coming in!

  5. Layland says:

    Fort Alice came in yesterday on the 14/11/17. We did loads of stuff,like coart room it was so much fun.

  6. Hadia says:

    I really enjoyed the Fort Alice coming in to school yesterday.I liked working with Tatiana,Julia,Rida,Diary and Dzsenifer because we had lots of fun working together as a team.Thank you for the Fort Alice and they have teached me something new.

  7. Fatima says:

    On Tuesday we had Fort Alice coming to school. I really enjoyed when Thomas, Abdul and Waleed dress up. My favourite part of the lesson was when we get to choose which one you think it is.:D
    By Fatima Akhtar

  8. 0272013gp says:

    Looks like great fun to me

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