Olaf, the Viking…

Today Olaf the Viking came to visit us in school. He brought lots of artefacts with him, look at the fun we had…

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  1. I left Oxford Grove Primary School buzzing today. It was a pleasure to teach the students of Year 5, their enthusiasm, and ability to make a visitor feel welcome, are a credit to the school. Your caretaker kindly helped me in with my equipment, the teachers were friendly and happy to help, I even got cake in the staffroom! I know the school has yet to find out its Ofsted inspection results but here is one Viking who certainly enjoyed an outstanding day. Thanks and good luck!

    • Tatiana says:

      I really hope that you enjoyed your visit at Oxford Grove Primary School everybody enjoyed you. I loved the part when we got to feel, smell and touch the artifacts.

      Thank you Olaf

    • 0272012aa says:

      We loved the Viking workshop and I was happy to learn more about the Viking because I want to be a Viking too because I practise at home with my sword and I got a Viking dress too can you come to our school again please

    • 0272012aa says:

      I love doing the workshop because it is so good this is the best workshop in the intire whole world can you come to our school again thank you very much good luck and thanks again for coming.

  2. Thomas says:

    Thomas was very excited to tell me about the visit from Olaf the Viking. He said he really enjoyed wearing the chain mail armour and that it was very heavy. Supper proud of Thomas for getting involved in class.

    Thomas’s Mum,

  3. 0272012de says:

    This was so fun I’m glad Olaf (the Viking ) came in to school today I had fun and I hope he (Olaf) had fun to I hope he comes to year 5 again! My favorite parts was when Thomas put the arm0r on and when the Anglo Saxon and Vikings (year 5) had a raid The Vikings (my team) won in the end, as the great Olaf once said “Practice makes Progress” 😉

  4. Hadi W says:

    I loved when Olaf came and we did the game outside I injoid it so much . I enjoyed so much in the battle !!!!!!!!!!

  5. Muhammad-Yousuf says:

    Yesterday I loved doing Viking stuff with Olaf. My favourite bit was when we went outside to raid the Anglo Saxons. There were two groups the Vikings and the Anglo Saxons. We had to battle against each other. One team had javelins the other had shields and we had to get the javelins through the gaps I really enjoyed this day! Thank you Olaf !

  6. Fatima says:

    Yesterday we were invited to a workshop about Viking. We were luking forword to have Olaf the Viking and learn about the Viking.I really enjoyed the workshop yesterday!Thank you for the workshop for yesterday Olaf.

    By Fatima Akhtar

  7. Layland says:

    Olaf the Viking came into school today because we had our first Viking workshop and enjoyed it.We had a battle and we threw spongy sticks like javelins.

  8. Jayden says:

    It was really fun at the Viking workshop we learned a lot about the vikings yesterday. I got to wear the bracelet bacause I gave Olaf sensible answers. We got to do a battle with the Anglo- saxons and the vikings both teams got to go on each of the equipmaent which was javelins and shields. Thank you Olaf it was a really fun day I hope you come again next year so I can see you again. And remember “practice makes progress.

  9. India says:

    I really loved when Olaf came to 5B it was amazing. My favourite part was when we went into battle and I was on the shield and the sword it was not a real one.

  10. Hadia says:

    I really loved the Viking workshop I thought it would be terrified but I didn’t understand lots of Viking launguich but I loved it when we did the promise.

  11. Ashleigh says:

    It was absolutely amazing and I really really enjoyed it. I wish Olaf comes in again soon!

  12. Thokk. Thanks for all the comments, I’m glad you enjoyed the Viking experience. It was an honour to fight with the warriors of Bolton in the shieldwall. Remember to tell your saga to others so that our Viking ancestors will never be forgotten. Farvel!

  13. Saarah says:

    It was nice of you to answer back Olaf. I really enjoyed the battle because it was so fun. I really would like you to come back to Oxford Grove again. If not, next year please can you come again and see us. I loved to touch the artefacts and the battle was amazing.

  14. 0272012mb says:

    Wow, It looks like you had a lot of fun when Olaf came in, I know are class did too.

  15. Oliver says:

    My favourite part was the battle because we got to use shields and also when Thomas dressed up because he looked like a Viking.

  16. Katie says:

    Thank for the Viking workshop Mrs Bain I have enjoyed my self my favourite part was the battle and the artefacts my favourite artefact was the helmet. Thank you Mrs Bain and Mrs Harvey.

  17. 0272012aa says:

    I really enjoyed today it was brilliant thank you Mrs Bain for bringing Olaf in to teach us about the Vikings it was really fun I hope he comes back in again soon .

  18. Theon says:

    I really loved today it was awesome Olaf taught us how to go on a raid and showed us artefacts like rope ,thor ,helmet, and even armour .

  19. Harvey says:

    I enjoyed when Olaf the Viking came in to our class. I hope he comes back again. My favourite part of the day was when we did the battle. I really enjoyed it.

  20. 0272013gp says:

    Looks like you had fun. What else did you do?

  21. Fatima says:

    We all really enjoyed the workshop it was really fun we also had a battle, my favourite part of th day was when we got to feel, smell and totch the artefacts!

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