Year 5 Coding Club

Year 5 this is the website for our coding club!


Miss Longmore

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A Life Healthy Living

Today we had a healthy living workshop, it was full of fun activities and we learnt all about how to keep our bodies healthy. Mrs Bain loved it because it was full of science facts.

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Shakespeare in year 5

In our guided reading lessons we have been reading Macbeth by William Shakespeare – last term we read The Tempest. Today in our lesson we compared and contrasted these two plays. We considered setting, characters, genre and plot.

What similarities and differences did you find.

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Fun with factors

Today in maths we were finding the factors of numbers and working with prime numbers. It has been our Autumn term target.

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Learning about how discrimination and prejudice

In our RE lessons we discussed how different religions teach people to treat others. Year 5 what did you find out was the same about Christian and Islamic beliefs about how you treat other people?

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Our human line graph

In science we made a human line graph to show the results of our science investigation. Read our conclusions below…

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Challenging gender stereotypes

Today we discussed gender stereotypes with Fort Alice. We discussed how boys and girls can do anything they want to do. We held a courtroom discussion about whether boys are stronger than girls.

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Science Investigations

We made 5 parachutes, each with a different surface area, then timed how long they each took to fall to the ground. What did you find out 5B?


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Cross Curricular Maths – surface area Science

Today we investigated area of parachutes, we had to create parachutes of a given area. We are going to test which area of parachute stays in the air the longest. We will update you on our results when we have finished testing them.

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Olaf, the Viking…

Today Olaf the Viking came to visit us in school. He brought lots of artefacts with him, look at the fun we had…

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