International Women’s Day

Today in PSHE we have learned about International Women’s Day which is on the 8th of March this week.

We have discussed why it is important to celebrate this day and we have learned about how things have changed for women and their rights since the war.

What did you find most interesting today?

Mrs McPhail

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Wheelchair basketball


Today the people from Go Kids Go came to visit us and we took part in some activities using a wheelchair! We also learned about some of the difficulties wheelchair users might face and how we can offer our help if we think it is needed.

Did you enjoy this year 4? Did you learn anything new?

Mrs McPhail

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World Book Day

See the source imageToday is World Book Day and the children in year 4 have brought in their favourite books to share! We have had a show and tell in class and everyone really enjoyed learning about new authors or illustrators.

What is your favourite book? Which book recommendations did you like today?

Mrs McPhail

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Hobby day!

This week we are celebrating  Children’s Mental Health Week and today the children have been celebrating what makes them unique. Everyone came dressed in something that symbolises their favourite hobby, we have discussed this in class and some people had very interesting hobbies!

4M, what makes you unique?


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Smiley reward

Another fantastic smiley reward for those children who had filled their smiley chart! The children have learnt lots of new skills today, well done !

What was your favourite part of the reward?

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In music we have been learning all about rhythm and beat. We have used songs to help us improve on these things. This week we have started to think critically about our performances and it has helped us to perform even better.

Can you remember what ryththm and beat means 4M?

Mrs McPhail

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Safer internet day

This week was Safer Internet Day and we had discussions about the things that make us happy online as well as what can make us unhappy. 4M had some really good ideas and gave each other great advice on what to do if something made you feel uneasy when online.

We watched a video where children shared different scenarios and their reactions to them, the main message from this video was “Be kind and play fair. Share with respect”.

4M, what did you learn from Safer Internet Day this week?

Mrs McPhail

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This week we had an artist visit us in school. We created work that is now on a whole school display and we think it looks amazing! 4M worked well together in teams to create this amazing art.

Did you enjoy it 4M?



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Maths with Miss Stockton !

This week in Maths, we have been learning about fractions and decimals. We had a challenging task in our Maths area! 

Can you tell me what 0.2 is as a tenth ? 

Can you tell me what 0.04 is a hundredth?

Miss Stockton x

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4M love P.E!

This term in P.E we are learning to play hockey with Miss Lowe. We have been practising how to pass the ball to each other and how to tackle to take the ball away from the opposite team.

We have been practising ball control and we are getting much better at this. We are looking forward to using our new skills to play a full game.

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