This week we had an artist visit us in school. We created work that is now on a whole school display and we think it looks amazing! 4M worked well together in teams to create this amazing art.

Did you enjoy it 4M?



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Maths with Miss Stockton !

This week in Maths, we have been learning about fractions and decimals. We had a challenging task in our Maths area! 

Can you tell me what 0.2 is as a tenth ? 

Can you tell me what 0.04 is a hundredth?

Miss Stockton x

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4M love P.E!

This term in P.E we are learning to play hockey with Miss Lowe. We have been practising how to pass the ball to each other and how to tackle to take the ball away from the opposite team.

We have been practising ball control and we are getting much better at this. We are looking forward to using our new skills to play a full game.

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We are working really hard on trying to improve our spelling at the moment, learning new strategies each week.

Spelling is also a part of our homework tasks.

We have access to Spellodrome which is a really fun way of practising your spelling at school or at home! Don’t forget that your spellodrome login is stuck in the back of your reading records so that you can easily login from home!

Image result for spellodrome

What is the best strategy you use for learning new spellings?

Mrs McPhail

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What did you learn about keeping healthy today year 4?

Mrs McPhail


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Mrs McPhail’s maths group this week, we have been practising basic skills. We have been reciting our times tables, improving place value skills and much more! What do you think you have improved on this week in your maths class?

Mrs McPhail





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This term we have been looking at special celebrations. We discussed some special celebrations from Christianity and also from Islam. The children shared some special celebrations from their own lives and we discussed why these were important to us. I really enjoyed listening to your stories, year 4!

This week we have also begun to talk about Christmas and we have told the Christmas story in our own words.

What celebrations do you have at home that are special to you? It doesn’t have to be a religious celebration.

Mrs McPhail

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Year 4 science

This term we have started our new Science topic which is all about sound! Last week we went on a sound walk around school. What sounds did you hear?

Then, we learnt about different instruments and what you needed to do to get them to make a sound. We learnt that the instrument makes a vibration that travels through the air. This then enters our ear and we can hear the sound. 

Mrs McPhail

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IQM Centre of Excellence

Image result for centre of excellence iqm

Recently we had a special visitor in school to assess us for the IQM (Inclusion Quality Mark). 

This visitor came into our some of our lessons and was really impressed with what he saw! So much so that once again, we have been named a ‘Centre of Excellence’.

Well done Oxford Grove!

How do we make sure that everyone in our school is included?

Mrs McPhail

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Smiley reward

We loved this half terms smiley reward! We had to work together as a team and some of the activities were really tricky. Well done everyone for filling your smiley chart, meaning you could take part in this fantastic opportunity. What was your favourite part?

Mrs McPhail


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