Hall i’ th’ Wood

Hall i th Wood

On Tuesday Year 4 visited Hall i’ th’ Wood!  

We enjoyed looking at of 17th and early 18th century furniture, objects and artefacts. We learnt more about the life and work of Samuel Crompton.

Hall i’ th’ Wood Museum started life as a rich merchant’s home during the mid-17th century. Years later the building was split into several rented dwellings and, whilst living in one of these with his family, Samuel Crompton famously invented the Spinning Mule in 1779.

What did you enjoy the most about this trip?

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14 Responses to Hall i’ th’ Wood

  1. 0272013sg says:

    The trip was so fun because you can dres up and it was funny

  2. 0272013ma says:

    I really enjoyed the Hall’ith Wood because they show us some different rooms. My favourite part is that they showing some of Samuel Crompton’s room.

  3. 0272013ss1 says:

    This trip was so good I really learnt a lot about Samuel Crompton it was the best trip ever those costumes were really good this was the best

  4. 0272013hm says:

    We had a lot of fun we had a house tour and we put on different aulfits and we saw different kinds of machines we also put pictures of time togather we saw different people’s rooms .

  5. 0272013jo says:

    I enjoyed when we had to put costumes on and and when the gentalmen got a sheet and all of us ahd to as were it and and everyone got in order and we found out world war 1 was the first than all of the other piece of paper. Soon after we went in all the room to see what kind of the was different than the other one. The one thing that interested me was when we went into the room there was a rope on the bed and a rich person did not like to sleep on it so so hze let his other people sleep on the bed and let the bugs suck his blood it will be full so he could sleep on the bed so he can sleep carefully .

  6. 0272013gp says:

    It was so cool I liked it when I saw the spinning Mule. I learnt a lot on this trip. Things I learnt: they rented a room and lived with lots of others people, we new there was bed bugs but the drank blood!

  7. 0272013ch says:

    I loved this school trip it was probably one of my favourite trips in the whole school. We had a tour around the house and we got told that Samuel Crompton didn’t just live in the house on his own he had other family’s living in all of the other room so one full family lived in just one room. At the end when we started to get our coats on we did one little activity to end the day we scraped some big pieces of wool in some square brushes and it was really hard and it made it even harder to scrape it because of the thick wool and how’s much wool was on the brush.

  8. 0272013tr says:

    The trip was raley fun and there were a loft but we can’t go because the stairs are not stable. We also saw his invention in his room there were more places to go but we dinted have any time left before we went we sat down and made soft wool and smell it. Then we went back to school and it was time for home . And thank you ☺️ miss low and it was amazing.

  9. 0272013mg says:

    The trip was amasing because first it wos not a long way.Then we got out of the coach and went to Samuel Crompton’s house it wos very old and we went inside we went last because we Carnot fit two classes in his house because it wos small.Then we got dressed up as maids well the girls did the boy dressed up as a old man it wos funny and we looked around his house. The we went upstairs the stairswos going round and around it wos very very cool .The upstairswos very old the man said the floors change .

  10. 0272013hd says:

    I really enjoyed the trip to Samuel Crompton’s house which is now a museum we got to see the spinning Mule it has loads of wheels and it made cotton. My favourite part was having dinner.

  11. 0272013lp says:

    At samual Crompton house it was fun because we got to look in every room in the house and my favourite room was Samuel Cromptons room because it was big and has a lot of interesting thing in it but the house didn’t have a bathroom .

  12. 0272013gp says:

    It was so hard to soften the wool because it was so thick I still loved doing it.

  13. 0272013nd says:

    I loved the trip to Hall i’ th’ wood it was 4 m and 4 l.Oll I want to say is thank you very much Mrs Harvey for the trip it was the best day ever of my life.

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