International Women’s Day

Today in PSHE we have learned about International Women’s Day which is on the 8th of March this week.

We have discussed why it is important to celebrate this day and we have learned about how things have changed for women and their rights since the war.

What did you find most interesting today?

Mrs McPhail

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7 Responses to International Women’s Day

  1. 0272013mb says:

    Woman’s are important like men are, in the past, women’s weren’t allowed to vote, marry or go to school, they had a very boring life!

  2. 0272013ar says:

    I found out that they still don’t be fair to women.

  3. 0272013gp says:

    I found out that women weren’t treated the same in the past but some women helped the women now by protesting.
    Women had to get married,get paid less,they weren’t allowed to go to school!
    We did work on this and made a poster about women being able to vote and make decisions It doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl we should all be treated the same

  4. 0272013mb says:

    Their life has improved, you know why, by International Women’s Day!!!

  5. 0272013mb says:

    Happy International Women’s Day to every women around the world 😀

  6. 0272013hm says:

    I really enjoyed international woman’s day. We did some work on how woman’s where treated before and now .We also created a international woman’s day poster!

  7. 0272013gp says:

    We learnt about lots of women who fort for us to be treated like women now! They now can be nurses as well and something different than a cleaner they can be ‍ teacher or nurses‍⚕️

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