World Book Day

See the source imageToday is World Book Day and the children in year 4 have brought in their favourite books to share! We have had a show and tell in class and everyone really enjoyed learning about new authors or illustrators.

What is your favourite book? Which book recommendations did you like today?

Mrs McPhail

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9 Responses to World Book Day

  1. Harvey says:

    Whilst we where sharing our books with the class my I was thinking what my favourite book was going to be. My favourite book is Diary of a wimpy kid the long hall. That is where Greg goes on a road trip and has to sit in the very back of the van. He goes to a motel and finds some crazy children riding the janitors cart so he shouts at them . They go tell their dad and Greg has to hide. That is were I have read up to. It is the best book ever!

  2. 0272013ss1 says:

    My book was the official Manchester City annual 2018 I liked my book because it gave me lots of facts and told me all of the games they had won an this book has lots of puzzles do you know the manager if you do just give a comment back

  3. 0272013jp says:

    I love world book day because I love books and books are so amazing you can get so deep in books its like reading a book and it is letting your imagination run wild.

  4. 0272013zg says:

    I love reading. I think reading is important to me and I want to get good at reading! World book day is the best day ever

  5. 0272013gp says:

    My book was princess diss Grace.I like it because princess grace is just like me. She is:clumsy,kind,helpful and adventurous. Princess Grace loves riding unicorns.My book was fiction, the author is Lou Kuenzler,the illustrator is Kimberley Scott. At first Grace is dragon watching but then she sees one that is meant to be extinct.Then she releases that she needs to pick a flower to do a dance about. Her friends help her with the dance and the dragon went away. I would recommend it to 8-9year olds.

  6. 0272013mg says:

    Today is the day, Thursday 1st of February 2018, world book day at school we have been
    telling about our books. Wiktor brought a book called ‘The football Beast’, I enjoyed reading it but I didn’t finish reading the book.In class we discussed about one author that is a author and got a rock band. I enjoyed this day.

  7. Hi it is Alanna Buffey and today i am telling other people how i felt on world book day and what book i brought in for world book day.I felt HAPPY on world book day because the book i read was funny and i liked it alot. I watched the film a lot of times but i have not finished reading the book.When i am board i like to go in my room and read a book (If i can be bothered getting one or if i can reach it because they are high up on a shelf in my room so my naughty dog (well puppy) can not get them).World book day was brilliant so i want to thank my teachers for letting us bring in books because we could not dress up as we had Hobby day,and on hobby day you wore a special outfit that you like to do at home.If you want to hear what i wore go on the hobby day, go to the page that says Our Hobby Day and find my message.My book was Gangsta Granny by David Walliams.I LOVE THE FILM SOOOOOOOO MUCH MAKE SURE YOU WATCH IT AND IF YOU GET ANY KIDS SHOW IT TO THEM,ALSO TELL THEM TO SHOW THEIR KIDS THE FILM ASWELL PLEASE DO IT FOR ANYONE WHO LIKES THE FILM.

  8. 0272013mg says:

    omg world book day were the best my book wos the witches is my favrate i love it and everyone had a book like not the sam but some has to get from the reading aieria i was fun

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