In music we have been learning all about rhythm and beat. We have used songs to help us improve on these things. This week we have started to think critically about our performances and it has helped us to perform even better.

Can you remember what ryththm and beat means 4M?

Mrs McPhail

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  1. 0272013gp says:

    Music was so fun we learned adout rhythms and beats we even chanted a rhythm not a beat. We now know the difference between a rhythm and a beat a rhythm is a pattern e.g singing to a song in the back round and a beat is consistent and stays the same e.g your hart. We also learnt a song

    Adio mama
    Adio papa
    Ca am a boy
    A lak on par sa

    I think that’s how it goes we are starting to Mack bridges in our singin e.g using tap sticks, marakers and we are singing the song. We arehaving so much fun in music we love it!
    By grace

  2. 0272013ag says:

    I think we are going to be a musical class and maybe some of us will musicians

  3. 0272013ab says:

    I loved music this week the song we are learning is sooooooooo good I love it in the picture we are singing the song with some people with tap sticks

  4. Michal B says:

    Beat: A steady rhythm that sound like an heartbeat.
    Rhythm: A pattern of beats.

  5. 0272013ws says:

    I enjoye music because music relaxes me and I am in the choir at school I go every Friday morning and we have conserts in front of the audience and we sung in Macron Staidion and it was massive.

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