Roman experience!

Last week we visited Chester and took part in a Roman experience – it was great fun and we learned a lot too!

Michal said “I liked being the leader of the Roman soldiers. I had to make the Roman soldiers use their armour for protection.”

Wiktor said “My favourite part was when we travelled back in time to learn more about how the Romans lived.”

Cole said “My favourite part was looking at all the artefacts in the museum.”

Lenix said “My favourite part was watching Mrs White and Miss Longmore have a battle with the swords.”

Grace said “I liked looking at the digging that the archaeologist did.”


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11 Responses to Roman experience!

  1. Jacob says:

    My favourite part was when we had to go inside a small place and I had to spin a mixer to make food. Then my funny part was when we was in the play room and we had a ball and a something and bend it and make it fly and where armour.

  2. Michal B says:

    The trip was amazing, the archaeologists did hard work building underground!

  3. I am here again i wanted to say a nother thank you for doing school trips.If you had no fun in this school i would not have cone to it.School is fun!!!!Love it! I mean LOVE IT!Thank you to the teachers for telling us were to go and how to keep safe on a trip (especially on a trip)!

  4. 0272013gp says:

    I found the Roman soldier scary. But he was soooo nice.

  5. 0272013kb says:

    What a lovely trip.

  6. 0272013ra says:

    IT was exciting and fun and amazing

  7. 0272013ss1 says:

    Our trip was the best trip ever

  8. 0272013ss says:

    I loved our trip it was so fun and I sat next to my best friend zayan

  9. 0272013hd says:

    I love this smilly reward to and my favroite part was when Mrs Barnet’s head nealy got chopped of and of corse … don’t laugh … having dinner

  10. 0272013hm says:

    I LOVED THE TRIP IT FANTASTIC! and interesting it got better and better!

  11. 0272013ws says:

    It was so fun I found new facts.

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