Class assembly

Our class assembly was all about reading and our class author, Roald Dahl. Thank you to all the families that came to watch us, 4M worked very hard practising their lines and the song. Here are some photos in case you missed it!

Well done 4M!

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6 Responses to Class assembly

  1. Michal B says:

    The assembly was fun, at first I was nervous but after the song i felt braver! 😀

  2. Michal B says:

    When the assembly began I started grinning when I saw all the parents coming in. The best part was when I said my line and we sang the song! XD

  3. 0272013ar says:

    My favourite part was the song.

  4. I loved the idea of the assembly being two groups and doing it all in one well done miss McPhail XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brilliant work

  5. 0272013gp says:

    What a fantastic job everyone did it was the best assembly ever!

  6. 0272013gp says:

    My favourite part was the song. I loved how they changed the words so it said reading instead of tonight.

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