Cross curricular maths – Roman numerals!

Our history topic is the Romans and Year 4 have been very enthusiastic about it so far! This week we used Roman numerals to measure our height and weight. We found it tricky at first but we had some experts by the end of the lesson!

Can you remember how to write your age in Roman numerals?

Mrs McPhail

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7 Responses to Cross curricular maths – Roman numerals!

  1. Michal B says:

    age: VIII

  2. Michal B says:

    My mum was very impressed when I could answer all her questions! SHE WAS SURPRISED that i know Roman numerals !!! 😀

  3. 0272013ag says:

    I now what nine is XI and ten X

  4. Miss Harvey says:

    I like how you have linked maths to your history topic.

  5. 0272013gp says:

    When l first did Roman numerals it was very difficult but i finally got the hang of it .With a little help by my partner I l solved lots of questions about how to takeaway for example


    If you look at 4,6 they have 2 letters not 1.This is because it is a – or + if it is the big number comes first add if not takeaway. I love ❤️ Roman numerals!!

  6. 0272013gp says:

    My age is IX because my age is 9.

  7. 0272013kb says:

    I had lots of fun learning about Roman numerals and age is viii.

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