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We have done a lot of Art in Year 4M this year from Roman Mosaics to sketching in the style of Lowry! We are a very talented and arty class!

Which topic did you enjoy the most? 

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A lot of children in our class are celebrating Eid today 🙂 This afternoon in our RE lesson, we learnt about how people celebrate this occasion with Miss White. We can not wait to find out how our friends celebrated today on Monday! 

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D.T Lighthouses !

This half term we are starting our new topic of ‘ Light House Keepers Lunch ‘. We will be researching different Lighthouses and finding out why they are needed. We will then be designing and creating our own! How exciting! 

What ideas have you got for your Lighthouse? 

Miss Stockton x

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ART in Year 4 !

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Our Artist in Year 4 is Lowry ! We have done a lot of Art work using his style and created a big display within our corridor for everyone to see 🙂 

What did you enjoy the most about this topic? 

What did you learn about Lowry ? 

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Hot seating !

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This half term we have started our new class novel ‘ The BFG’. We have been introduced to the main characters The BFG and Sophie. With Miss Stockton and Mr Eckersly , we took part in a hot seating activity. We took on the role of The BFG and presented questions to ask him ( Even Mr Eckersly joined in 🙂 ) . 

What did you ask ? What did you find out? 


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Hall i’ th’ Wood

Hall i th Wood

On Tuesday Year 4 visited Hall i’ th’ Wood!  

We enjoyed looking at of 17th and early 18th century furniture, objects and artefacts. We learnt more about the life and work of Samuel Crompton.

Hall i’ th’ Wood Museum started life as a rich merchant’s home during the mid-17th century. Years later the building was split into several rented dwellings and, whilst living in one of these with his family, Samuel Crompton famously invented the Spinning Mule in 1779.

What did you enjoy the most about this trip?

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Smiley reward


Another amazing smiley reward for those children who filled their smiley chart this term! Which activity did you like best?

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Our topic in Geography at the moment is called ‘Why does it always rain in Greater Manchester’. So far in this topic we have looked at rivers in the UK, we have used data from the internet to compare rainfall in different cities in England and we also have rain catchers set up in our playground so that we can measure the rain fall at Oxford Grove!

Today we have been learning about the water cycle.

What can you remember about the water cycle, year 4?

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Life caravan

Today year 4 visited the life caravan. The topic was ‘It’s great to be me’. The children discussed the different body parts first of all and then began to discover what makes us all unique which linked to our hobby day!

What did you learn today, year 4?


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Fun Food Chef


Today we were visited by the Fun Food Chef and we made some delicious Roman themed food! What food did we make today? Did you learn anything new?


Mrs McPhail


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