Smiley Reward- Climbing Wall!

Today we all got to go on the climbing wall for our last smiley reward in Year 4!

Well Done to everybody who filled both sides of their smiley chart!

We all had an amazing time and worked as a team to help each other get to the top!

Miss Longmore

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A year in the life… Year 4L!

What an amazing year we have had in Year 4!

Take a look back over some of our best bits…

What have you enjoyed the most about Year 4?

What are you looking forward to about Year 5?

Miss Longmore

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At Oxford Grove we always try our best to show impeccable behaviour. We do this in lots of ways like following the classroom rules and impressing Mrs Moore on the playground.

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How do you make sure that your behaviour is impeccable in school and on the playground?

What rewards can you get for showing impeccable behaviour?

Miss Longmore

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Eid Mubarak Year 4!

In Year 4 we have lots of children who celebrate Eid. Eid al-Fitr is the Muslim festival that marks the end of the fast of Ramadan. Eid al-Fitr means ‘The Festival of Breaking of the Fast’. Today we learnt more about this celebration and also thought about how other religions celebrate important festivals or events. We shared how some of our friends in Year 4 celebrated Eid over the weekend. We made cards to share and wish each other Eid Mubarak (blessed Eid). What did you and your family do to celebrate Eid? What other religious occasions do you celebrate? 

Miss Longmore


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Our School Aims! R.E

Today we have been learning about Hinduism in our R.E lesson and finding out all about Puja! During the lesson we thought about how this linked to our school aims. We know that this links to leaning about the beliefs and values of different religions and cultures in order to understand and show respect. We know that our school is so lucky and special because we can use our range of religions and beliefs to learn from each other! 

Where can you find our school aims?

Another aim that we will be talking about is to show impeccable standards of behaviour through respect, responsibility, honesty and loyalty. How do you make sure that YOU show impeccable behaviour?

Miss Longmore


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Our trip to 7 Acres Wildlife trust!

Today Year 4 have visited the 7 Acres Nature Reserve to find out more about different types of habitats and what wildlife thrives in our local area! We started our morning by looking at the wet areas including a river and a pond. Adam showed us how to use our nets to catch the animals carefully. We then took them back to our group whose job it was to classify them and find out what they were! One group even managed to catch some small fish! After lunch, we went to the woodland and grassland. We compared all of the habitats and the different types of creatures that lived there. We learnt lots of amazing facts about birds and bugs! We also made some human food chains using some of the insects and creatures that we found.

What insects and creatures did your group find?

What did you learn?

What was your favourite habitat to explore?

Here are some pictures from the day:

Miss Longmore

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Special visitors…

This week we have had a talk about some special visitors coming to see our school and they are called OfSTED. We can’t wait for them to come so that we can show them how amazing our school is. We are looking forward to showing them our amazing work, impeccable behaviour and to share how much progress we have made in Year 4. We know that Oxford Grove is a very special school for lots of reasons! 

Image result for ofsted

What makes our school an amazing place to learn? What are you most looking forward to showing the OfSTED inspectors? 

Miss Longmore

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School linking! Year 4!

Today we got to meet up again with our link school but this time we hosted it! Blackrod Church school arrived after lunch and we got to have a catch up whilst enjoying a biscuit! After that, we were put into groups where we got to take part in some team work games such as playing board games and enjoying rounders on the field. I’m sure you all had a great time and got to make some more new friends.

What did you enjoy about the afternoon?

Miss Longmore

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Outstanding Progress!

Since Arshia joined our class in September she has made amazing progress in reading and writing. Here is some of her work at the start and end of the year. Well Done Arshia!

Miss Longmore

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Year 4 Lighthouse Competition

Thank you to all of the children who brought in their D.T lighthouses from our lighthouse competition. Miss Stockton and Miss Longmore had a real struggle to decide one winner and so we had to choose 4! Well Done to Ashleigh, India, Hannah and Alen!

Miss Longmore

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