Life Education Caravan Workshop

This week, we have been visiting the Life Education Caravan. We learned all about the  different parts inside our body, like the liver, stomach and heart. We also learned about the brain and how important it is. It sends messages to different parts of our body to control them.

We talked about different things that can either help or harm our body. Some of these were easy, like sleep helps our body and cigarettes harm our body. However, some were tricky, like medicines. Medicines help us if we take the right amount of the right medicine at the right time. But if we take too much or if we take medicine for somebody else, it can be harmful. So we always need an adult to help us.

Tell me something you learned, 3T! 

Science Rocks!

In Year 3T, we love Science! We love it even more now we are looking at rocks, fossils and soils! And we love it EVEN MORE because it matches our new topic about the Stone Age!

Today we have been investigating rocks and their physical properties. We used our cross curricular maths skills to sort them into Carroll diagrams and Venn diagrams in our groups.

Tell me some things we found, Year 3.