Our topic in Geography this half term has been called ‘Why does it always rain in Greater Manchester?’ We have looked at rivers in the UK, we have used rain catchers (set up in our playground) to  measure the rain fall at Oxford Grove, and used a website called will it rain today to compare the weather in cities across the UK!

We loved how we could see the clouds live across the UK! Here is the website if you want to check the weather Year 4!

What can you remember about the water cycle, year 4?

Miss Longmore

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Fun Food Chef!

Today Year 4 visited the fun food chef! We learnt all about Roman food! We made chicken,  sausage, vegetables and mussels for the main course and cheesecake with honey for the dessert! Finally, we made a grape smoothie! We then got to enjoy our meal together! What new food did you try today?

Miss Longmore

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International Women’s Day! Year 4L

On Thursday 8th March is will be International Women’s Day! Today in our PSHE time we learnt about how the roles of women have changed from before and then after the war. We discussed how women weren’t allowed to make their own choices, work or go to university but this all changed after the war.  We discussed what women were allowed to do before and after the war. We also made our own suffragette posters to support the right to vote for women.

What did the suffragettes campaign for?



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Go Kids Go! Year 4L

Today we were visited by a charity called Go Kids Go, who equip young wheelchair users with the skills to become independently mobile so that they can enjoy the same activities as their able bodied peers!

Image result for go kids go logo

We got to experience what it is like to be in a wheelchair and some of the obstacles you might have to face from opening doors to going up curbs. We took part in lots of games such as bulldog, dancing and basketball. We all had a really great time!

What did you learn from this exciting experience? 


Miss Longmore

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World Book Day!

On Thursday 1st March, Year 4 celebrated World Book Day!

Image result for world book day 2018

We brought our favourite book into school and wrote our own book review.

What is your favourite book and why do you love it?

We also designed our own reading posters, book marks and entered the design your own book token competition. 

Miss Longmore



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Year 4L Hobby day!

Today, Year 4 celebrated ‘Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing week’ by dressing up as their favourite hobbies. 

We learnt all about keeping a healthy mind and how we can do this. We did some relaxing mindfulness colouring, discussed ways to keep healthy, thought about how we can be kind to one another and spread kindness. In the afternoon, we showcased our unique hobbies and talents in a talent show!

How can you keep a healthy mind and body Year 4?

What did you dress up as for hobby day?

Here are some pictures from the day:

Miss Longmore

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Year 4L Class Assembly

Today it was Year 4L’s class assembly. We did our assembly all about our Science topic this term which was Solids, Liquids and Gases.

Well Done Year 4 you did a brilliant assembly!

What did you learn from our topic or from our assembly?

Thank you to all our families for coming to watch us!

Miss Longmore

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Magnificent Music!

Today, we did Music with Mrs Hudson. We were learning about the rhythm and the beat. The rhythm is a pattern of beats and the beat is steady, it never changes. Our song was called Sticks and we used tap sticks for the beat. We did another song which was a Spanish song. There was lots of rhythm and beats in this song. It was really fun to sing it with my friend.

What do you like about Music?

By Husna

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Year 4L Sculpture!

This week, everybody has had the opportunity to work with an artist! Tim worked with all of the classes to create a whole school sculpture. We had to use tissue and glue to cover the bamboo structure. We then used coloured tissue paper to decorate it.

What did you enjoy about working with the artist?

The sculpture looks beautiful in our computing suite. Well Done Year 4!

Miss Longmore

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Amazing A-Life!

Today we experienced an amazing workshop with A-Life! We were in groups of four and went from table to table that were all about healthy living. We learnt what happens  when you have too much sugary things like cola and pizza. Your teeth rot when you have too much sugar. Did you know that more than half of your body is made out water? Also, you should drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day! In the afternoon, we are going to do P.E. with A-Life. I’m so excited!

Husna 4L

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