Today we have enjoyed talking about Eid! Some of class explained to us how they celebrated at home, and we compared this to how people who follow different religions celebrate different festivals.

Tell me how you celebrate, Year 3T.

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This year in Year 3, we have completed two Art topics – one about cave paintings and one about still life.

Which was your favourite topic? What did you learn? Which do you think you did the best in?

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We have been learning lots of exciting things in Music!

We love our song ‘Shadows’ and we’re especially good at singing different parts in two groups. Now we are learning a new song from Moana – ‘How Far I’ll Go.’

What do you love best about Music, Year 3?

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Smiley Reward – Crazy Golf

Today we have taken part in our Smiley Reward – Crazy Golf!

We loved the Crazy Golf! We had to work in threes to go round the course. Sometimes it was really hard to get the ball in the hole!

What did you think of our reward, Year 3T?

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Our Healthy Desserts

Today we have created our own healthy desserts! We designed our desserts and then we followed our designs to make them.

Here is a selection of what we made:

Would you like to eat our desserts?


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Today, Mrs Thompson’s English group has been reading ‘Jabberwocky’ by Lewis Carroll. 

We talked about the made up words and had a go at deciding what we thought they meant. We realised that the poet has chosen words that are quite similar to real words so that we can tell what they might be supposed to mean.

We discussed the story that the poem tells and how we can read it even with all of the made up words.

What do you think of this poem, Year 3?

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Today, we have taken part in some teamwork games in PE!

We enjoyed playing Pass the Frog, where we could only use certain body parts to pass the ball around our team circle.

We also worked as a team to use stepping stones and get ourselves across the burning hot lava to the islands! On the way back, we all lost one of our stepping stones, so we had to share and use really good teamwork to make sure we could get back!

Finally, we worked together to build huts out of hula hoops and some of us even managed to send our team members through without knocking them down!

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We absolutely LOVE History in Year 3! We have completed lots of History learning over this year!

We have learned about Ancient Civilisations and the Stone Age.

Tell me what your favourite topic has been, or a fun fact you have learned:

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Design Technology

We are really looking forward to our delicious Design Technology topic later this half term!

We will be designing healthy desserts – yummy!

Tell me what dessert you would like to design, Year 3!

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We love Art in Year 3!

We have completed some Stone Age cave paintings using watercolours and pencil. First, we researched different cave paintings that have been found all around the world from the Stone Age. 

Then we developed our watercolour skills by looking at how different amounts of water made them paler or darker, and we learned how to blend colours together. We also experimented with pencils to find out how to blend, shade and use different tones.

Finally, we created a background wash with watercolours, and then used pencil to draw our cave painting style pictures.

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