25 thoughts on “A Year in the Life of Year 3T

  1. My time in year3 was absolutely amazing. My favourite part favourite part in year 3 was when we went to Anderton centre we did Achery was really good. We got to cook marshmellows and popcorn. I got a hot chocolate.

  2. My time in year 3 was the best year in oxford grove so far. My favourite thing that I did in year 3 was when we all went to the Anderton centre because I got hot chocolate, marshmellows and popcorn.

  3. In year 3 my best time was the milkshake party. That’s not all , also the Stone Age trip to Anderton centre. Its been the best year of my life so thank you to Miss Thompson and all the teachers!!!

  4. I loved year three because we had so much fun on the trip the Anderton centre were we made the marshmallows and popcorn we did archery also when we had the hot chocolate we had lunch some people bought there lunch from home and some people got theres from scool . Eshal

  5. I loved it in year 3T. The teachers give us so much support so we can learn new things and the lessons are so fascinating . I love this school so much and you can make so many friends here. We also had so many amazing smiley rewards like the boot camp and the crazy golf. We also so have so many amazing teachers that help us keep safe physically and online. We are also a award winning school.

  6. This year in year3 has been the best. In Year 3 I’ve enjoyed:

    The attendance award milkshake party.
    The military army.
    Our fruit desserts.
    The stone age experience trip
    Mr and Mrs Trevor.

    Thank you Mrs Thompson and Mrs Morris for this gorgeous time in Year3

  7. I really enjoyed year 3 because we had a milkshake party ( with snacks ) an we had picnic on the field!!! I enjoyed the assembley

  8. In year 3 I did fun things and so much activities with my teacher and friends and I like year 3 because I think it is the best class ever !

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