57 thoughts on “Smiley Reward – Crazy Golf

  1. I am looking forward to having the smiley reward. I used to play golf every week with my step Grandad. I honk I will be very good at the crazy golf.

  2. Today in the afternoon all of my classs is going on the AstroTurf to play the miniature crazy golf. It looks mega, extremely fun!
    I can’t wait until my class go and do some crazy golf.

  3. Im really excited about our smiley reward because it is crazy golf!! Today was so much fun because I was so excited about the smiley reward.

  4. I am really looking forward to going to the crazy golf.
    It is the best smiley reward so far!Ive never done golf I’m my ever life!

  5. I am so excited for the smiley rearward which is CRAZY GOLF. I can’t wait for this afternoon because it is so cool. Eshal 3T.

  6. Our smiley reward was the best day ever it was the crazy golf . The newest reward ever so I give Miss Harvey a big thank you.

  7. The crazy golf was awesome and so far this is my third favourite smiley reward. We had nine places to go to and all of them were cool especially the eighth one. I even got three holes in one and I don’t really play golf much so I was really proud of myself. The hardest one was the sixth one because you had to do a loop de loop and then you needed to wait if you got a hole in one or not.

  8. I have had fun today because we went to the crazy golf. I enjoyed the crazy golf because we were playing the CRAZY GOLF! Thank you to the man who has brought the crazy golf for us.

  9. Today my class and 3K have been on the AstroTurf to play crazy golf. Some people got a hole in one. At the crazy golf it was extremely fun! My favourite number was number 6 because you had to hit the ball and make it go round the loop and go in the pot and guess what it actually happened to me!
    After that everyone sat down and swapped numbers. On the numbers 9, 8,7,6 was really hard.

  10. I enjoid playing the golf because when I started to play it was fun . And when I started the game I needed help but when I kept trying and trying then then I did it.

  11. We have just had the smiley reward! It was so fun! Loads of people got a whole in one. I used to play golf a lot. But now I don’t really play it. Do you play golf? We had 9 holes to complete we all had a go at doing all 9 holes.

  12. I liked the crazy golf it was really fun. I got 3 holes in 1. One hole that I struggled on is hole number 9 and 5 they were really hard. One of my friends said he got a hole in one on his first go. I said WOW!. My friend Eesa got a hole in 24.

  13. The crazy golf was crazy and hard but mostly it was fun and also exciting. I see why they called it crazy golf the most hardest one was number nine and but I think they are all hard exsept for number six,number one and number two.

  14. Today we played crazy golf it was so fun everyone loved it! We took turns with each one some were really hard. I had the best team ever we all new how to play crazy golf.

  15. Today outside when we were doing our smiley award it was so hard because we had to get the golf ball into the hole.

    It was also really good , fun and exiting!

  16. I loved that! The Crazy Golf was amazing my sister did 1in a hole in number 8 I did to in number 8. On number 5 when I was doing it the 5th or 4th it went straight around the loop in the hole!

  17. When I saw the crazy golf I was thinking, is it hard? There was 9 levels,on the last one,(the hardest one to complete) it took me 3 shots and for my friend, it took them 33 shots!

  18. In the crazy golf I didn’t get a single hole in one but it doesn’t matter because I still had fun doing golf. And a big thank you to Miss Harvey who got this reward for us and it was the best one ever.

  19. Today we have done crazy golf and is so far my favourite reward ever! I got the first one In one shot ! I’ve also been to mini golf in town centre and is quite harder than this one.

  20. I luckily got 3 hole in ones. Thank you so much for the smiley reward. I really enjoyed the smiley reward. The golfing was a little bit hard for me. Do you play golf? Do you like to play golf.

  21. The smiley reward was the best! I’ve never played crazy golf in my life. I give miss Harvey a massive thank you.

  22. Crazy golf is the best because we get to play hard golf. Golf is like a game but you don’t run. It a exercise for your arms and mussels in your body. So you will be fit and healthy. You also be strong.You would also live longer when your a adult .

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