43 thoughts on “Our Healthy Desserts

  1. My friend is making a shape of watermelon. I am making a man. Krisztina is very excited about making her fruit dessert I am going to be really good. I am really excited about making a fruit dessert.

  2. I really enjoyed today because of the amazing fruit and the sorse! Today was the best day of my life because of the amazing fruits !

  3. Today we made our Healthy desserts. My healthy dessert was Mrs Thompson, I made her out of honey melon, strawberries, apple and raspberry sauce. I got in a very sticky mess with the raspberry sauce. When I had finished Mrs Thompson took a photo of me and ‘ Mrs Thompson jr’ and then she took a another photo of ‘Mrs Thompson jr.

    The best bit was EATING IT!

  4. The desserts were awsome and we even could put on raspberry sauce on our desserts because it was a fruit flavour. We had raisins, melon, orange, grapes, bananas, pears and apples. We even got to eat them. Mine was delicious my thing that I was trying to make was a unicorn but it didn’t work so I made a smiley face. I used grapes,melon the raspberry sauce and an apple.

  5. The desserts were delicious and amazing.The desserts were fun to make!There are lots of good ideas. The raspberry sauce is so yummy. The pizzas look so good I just want to eat them. All the desserts look so yummy and scrunnshus.

  6. When I made a fruit dessert it was the best dessert! I got to eat it and I made a happy face and really enjoyed eating!

  7. I loved the fruit desserts because I made a fruit pizza. I left the rest on Mrs Thompson’s desk for later also my mate Rayhan did same.

  8. My dessert was so yummy. But it did not turn out like it was supposed to. It was very hard but very yummy and nice.

  9. I have made a healthy fruit pizza. My friend made a fruit shark which was 2D and it was made of bananas ,strawberries, apples and mellon, they where so delicious.

  10. I really enjoyed my fruit dessert because it was so delicious and I LOVED IT! I made a banana mountain with stawberry’s for rocks and grapes for snow. I also put raspberry sauce and I put it on top of the mountain.

  11. The fruit dessert was amazing and I enjoyed eating and talking on the carpet with my best friend. I made a fruit monster and my friend did is well.

  12. Today was amazing because we got to a make healthy desserts, me and my best friend Megan shared a cutting board and she finished before me because I made a fruit parrot and it was really hard so she helped me cut when she had finished her healthy fruit dessert. Everyone got to make a fruit dessert

    It was brilliant.

  13. Our heathy dessert was the best day ever.imade a volcano with a banana erupting
    And lava but raspberries source

  14. Today year 3 made a healthy dessert it was so nice everyone loved it! We had a great day today.On Friday we also made healthy pizza with strawberry sauce!

  15. I liked when we made our fruit desserts it was so exciting. I enjoyed it so much i went home and asked if we could make one. Also it was so yummy it was as yummy as hot dogs . If I did it again one thing I would change is the of my product. My product was a mans face not the whole man it would be to much to eat. One thing I liked is the strawberry sauce it was so yummy. Also I liked all the really yummy that Mrs Thompson bought she also got some of the year4 fruit and year5 as well.

  16. The healthy fruit dessert was amazing and it tasted so yummy especially the raspberry sauce. My favourite part of making the fruit dessert was eating it because it tasted so good. My worst part of making it is the chopping especially with the apples.

  17. I love my product because the raspberry sauce makes it more appealing and taste more scrumptious. The ingredients I used was melon, bananas and strawberries it was the best fruit dessert I have ever made well obviously.

  18. I loved my product but I could improve my plan.
    Thank you Mrs Thompson for letting us make those fruit desserts they were amazing

  19. I liked making my fruit kebab and the hardest part was cutting the apple and my best friend Shero cut the apple really .

  20. And we shared our knifes and chopping boards and when we sat down we talked to our friends and we ate or healthy fruit.and don’t eat crisps or sweets because they not heathy for you.

  21. The fruit dessert activity was fun. I made a fruit man face I added chocolate sauce and strawberry sauce as well. I had fun eating my fruit man face. My friends loved eating there fruit. I rate my fruit dessert 100 percent it was really yummy.

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