Today, we have taken part in some teamwork games in PE!

We enjoyed playing Pass the Frog, where we could only use certain body parts to pass the ball around our team circle.

We also worked as a team to use stepping stones and get ourselves across the burning hot lava to the islands! On the way back, we all lost one of our stepping stones, so we had to share and use really good teamwork to make sure we could get back!

Finally, we worked together to build huts out of hula hoops and some of us even managed to send our team members through without knocking them down!

22 thoughts on “PE

  1. When we played pass the frog it was easy at first but then it got difficult.
    There second game we played the lava game where you can’t touch the lava whilst you get across, then Mrs Thompson took one of each group’s objects then it got harder because two people had to stand on one!
    The last game was mega hard because we had to make a hula hoop but obviously out of hoops! It got harder and harder!

  2. I love the games but it was gso amazing and fun a n d interesting to but it was so hard and easy.but at the end of the lesson we had played pass the frog and it was so easy at first but then it got difficult.

  3. This PE lesson was when we did it hard. It was one of my favourite PE lessons in the world! We did hard obstacles coerces

  4. I love doing P.E with Mrs Thompson it is so fun and we play fun games.We played pass the frog in all different ways.It was so cool but it was a surprise because we normally do P.E with Mrs Moore.

  5. Today was really hard at P.E because we had to use our hands,needs,elbows and feet to pass the ball around the circul. TODAY WAS AMASING!

  6. I love P.E because you do so manyfun things like stuck in the mud and pass the frog. My favourite thing to do in P.E is making the funny faces. You use P.E equipment to make the funny face and you get a mat so you know what it looks like so you can make it.

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