We love Art in Year 3!

We have completed some Stone Age cave paintings using watercolours and pencil. First, we researched different cave paintings that have been found all around the world from the Stone Age. 

Then we developed our watercolour skills by looking at how different amounts of water made them paler or darker, and we learned how to blend colours together. We also experimented with pencils to find out how to blend, shade and use different tones.

Finally, we created a background wash with watercolours, and then used pencil to draw our cave painting style pictures.

7 thoughts on “Art

  1. I really think I tried my best by painting my Stone Age picture. On my picture I think I drew a aardvark but I am very sure, but I am mega positive it is a aardvark.
    I think all of my other friends in my class did an amazing job!

  2. All the art looks amazing! The pictures are beautiful and fabulous. People in this school are good at art . They have painted bright,beautiful colours . They have blended it in and it looks impeccable.

  3. I loved doing the still life with Mrs Moore because I can draw still life brilliantly and also my partner Veera can do amazingly as well

    Tell me what do you think about your still life painting?

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