This week in Miss Longmore’s Maths class we have been learning about co-ordinates! Today we got the chance to play battleships against our friends! We had lots of fun! What are the rules for using co-ordinates?

Miss Longmore

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5 Responses to Maths!

  1. Rayyan says:

    Today was a really fun day. I really enjoy playing battleships .My ships were like a maze you can get through!

  2. 0272013kg1 says:

    I love playing battle ships it was really fun especially when I win the game ! I sometimes play it with my friends at home and I always win them !

  3. Husna says:

    We were lucky to play battleships in maths. Thank you Miss Longmore!

  4. 0272013zg says:

    I loved it,it was so fun I won Wicktor by 4 points. Did you have fun or what was your favourite part in the game?I can also tell that people loved to play that game because they had huge smiles on their faces!

  5. 0272013fd says:

    That was so fun ! The game we did was soooooo hard in maths. The game made me want rematch! It inspired me to make my own maths game.

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